Funny Ray Barone

Ray Barone
Ray Romano as Ray Barone - caricature portrait
Member reactions:
I've always wanted one of Marie's Cannolis. Yep...Everybody loves Raymond
Brad Garrett's face in the background is a great touch.
Thanks Everyone. ... d-dog I did all of these right after The Last Freak Show (Not) , and then I broke my right wrist & shoulder and of course I'm right handed. It will be a while before I can chop again ... at this point I'm just hoping to play my guitar soon, that's what I do most of the time.
Ouch Moon. At my age now I'm real careful about how I move. One bad fall and you get what you got and it sucks. Get well, play guitar, chop.

Funny Ray Charles

Ray Charles
Being blind did not stop the soul genius from taking a selfie.

Funny X-ray of Sergey Lavrov Shows a Horse Head

X-ray of Sergey Lavrov Shows a Horse Head
X-ray of your head shows only veterinarian can help you It is not a problem he looks like a horse. Problem he has horse's brain.
Member reactions:
Sorry but I don't get it. Your story doesn't seem to have anything to do with the picture.
Gummy, please check link again. Thank you.
Horses are flighty creatures, run at the first hint of trouble.

Funny Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Goes To Prison

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Goes To Prison
Ray Nagin, former Mayor of New Orleans will be going to prison
Member reactions:
Many brilliant touches here. Love the electronic countdown timer and "to do" list the most.
Thanks, Newsy, Dr. Silvercuspid, G-Man and Andrew.
Silver Congratulations, Paul. Great work, reminds me of the one I did on Ray-Ray back in Feb

Funny Ray Winstone in Sweeney

Ray Winstone in Sweeney

Funny Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin in Jail

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin in Jail
Ray-Ray’s Guilty Conviction Ex.Mayor Facing 20 Years Former N.O. Mayor Ray Nagin, mostly remembered for his bizarre Post-Hurricane Katrina behavior and his controversial comments “New Orleans will be a Chocolate City” and New York still haven’t fixed their “Hole in the Ground”, will now be remembered as the first mayor of N.O. to be convicted on federal corruption charges.
Member reactions:
Job well done, Champ. I would decrease the liquification and blurriness a bit though
Thanks Lucianomorelli, if only he would have smoked some crack, might have got more attention, mabe even a contest like bob ford got. . But I couldn't resist lampooning Ray-Ray, since I was one of those New Orleans tax payers suffering under his extreme lack of leadership during and after Katrina.

Funny Hamster with a Death Ray

Hamster with a Death Ray
may that been a contender
Member reactions:
Freaking stuff Very well executed..Good to see the little hands doing big stuff
Its a mouse war every where good war like scene created in the city

Funny Miley Ray Cyrus Caricature

Miley Ray Cyrus Caricature
What Miley Cyrus' Tongue Says About Her Health
Member reactions:
Yuk Miley, but a chop.
Thanks. I guess you either love Miley or hate Miley. Myself, I hate her. But had fun chopping her up
Very nice technique, I love the illustration effect. Congrats on Silver cfc.

Funny Ray Liotta Mixed with Tony Curtis

Ray Liotta Mixed with Tony Curtis

Funny Mabel Ray Willis

Mabel Ray Willis
Actor Bruce Willis welcomed a new child to his growing brood when wife Emma Heming-Willis gave birth to a baby girl over the weekend, said his spokeswoman. Mabel Ray Willis was born on Sunday in Los Angeles, and weighed 9 lbs, 1 oz. This is the actor's fourth child, and his first with Heming, his wife of three years. The happy couple have sold the exclusive rights for the first photos of Mabel Ray Willis to a famous magazine that preferred to stay unannounced until the publication date. "Die Hard" star Willis, 57, married model Heming, 33, in 2009. Willis has a busy year ahead of him reprising one of his best known roles as tough cop John McClane for the highly-anticipated sequel "A Good Day to Die Hard," due for release in 2013. The fans demand to see the photos of Mabel Ray Willis, and it sucks to wait until they will be published in a magazine. So let's not disappoint the Willis' fans here - show them what Mabel Ray Willis may look like asap.

Funny X-Ray Gadgets

X-Ray Gadgets
November 8, 1895 is the date when Wilhelm Röntgen discovered the effects of X-rays. This year is the X-Rays 115th anniversary, and Google celebrated it with a special Doodle. The logo was composed of an X-ray of several bones and some other objects forming the letters. Röntgen dedicated much of his further life to investigating the mysterious phenomenon he discovered, which he appropriately named X-rays (still called Röntgens in many parts of the world), and in 1901 was awarded the first Nobel Prize in Physics. To celebrate the 115th anniversary of the X-Rays discovery, create some X-ray gadgets (e.g. X-Ray glasses) and show how they can be used (on celebrities, animals, objects). Many thanks to Kellie for the contest concept.

Funny X-Ray

[ The new Backscatter x-ray machines are tested this month at a US airport has raised concerns about privacy issues with some rights advocates saying the technology amounts to a virtual strip search. ] I can totally see privacy issues with full body Xrays done by Backscatter X-Ray machines. Sure enough these machines can scan anyone in an eye blink. Can you imagine going through such thing when security people tell you "Turn you head. Nothing there. You can go, sir." Or hearing something like "Nice package, sir. You can go now." In this contest you are asked to create partial X-rays images within normal images, showing what politicians or celebrities may have to hide. You may separate X-ray parts by a simple border, or show these parts through portable or static Backscatter Xray devices & gadgets. A good example can be seen here.

Funny X-Ray

What objects are those wacky doctors leaving in patients? Create an x-ray of some botched surgical jobs.

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