Pink Rat in Ratatouille Movie
Pink Rat in Ratatouille Movie
Pink Rat in Ratatouille Movie. *PLEASE VIEW IN FULL* CLICK HERE
Member reactions:
This is superb one really so wonderful to see the delicious dishes and the dancing mouse looks so gracey really good
Mr. Cook in pink mood, nice cooking hidden
Very nice see that job on the "top five". Congrats, nepaguy59

Funny Ratatouille Rick Santorum

Ratatouille Rick Santorum
* Ricktatouille_VOTatouille... always a success recipe ...the perfect next-new Job for a politician...
Member reactions:
Its nice, what is that in eye Like that mouse
Like the way the Mouse is holding the fig and great expression created on the caricatured face of Rick is truly great
One of the best chops in the contest for sure.

Funny I Chihuahua and Ratatouille Christmas

I Chihuahua and Ratatouille Christmas
I Chihuahua and Ratatouille
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver mundo This was so cute.

Funny Ratatouille Star Wars Movie

Ratatouille Star Wars Movie
Lenguine's Revenge
Member reactions:
Just a little work on Vader's helmet and Leia's bun and you have a fine chop.

Funny Star Wars Ratatouille

Star Wars Ratatouille
This is a parody on the Disney/Pixar movie Ratatouille.
Member reactions:
Does he want to be the jedi's chief or chef.
Chef. Thanks for the hint - edited.
not sure the starwars relavance... glowing knives i guess.. hmm
I love the concept and excellent work on the lightknives but ace is right, maybe add a little more Star Wars.
One of my favourites, simple clean & to the point.
Thanks everyone for the comments & critiques. ace and jerry, I would have edited it for sure - if I only had a chance to do... no time, sorry. Glad you like it as it is, Kellie

Funny Batman Ratatouille Movie

Batman Ratatouille Movie
Member reactions:
This is simply brilliant on too many counts. Hats off for this work.
Congrats Slixter Robin never seems to be around when ya need him...
Congratulations on your first gold, SLICK. Love "the dark knife" twist
Congrats on the gold Slixter. Nice chop.

Funny Stained Glass Ratatouille

Stained Glass Ratatouille
Compression has really ruined the colors, texture and details, Please View Original Size WIP
Member reactions:
You just know I love this stuff, another beautiful & fun creation
Silver congratulations, Hamid - the glass work is amazing. Thanks for making the impressive WIP.
Congrats Hamid One day I will put that tutorial of yours to use.
Congrats Hamid. Nice work on the glass mouse.
Congrats Hamid. Great glass work. I though it was a Sassydeb chop. What a surprise. Great work.
Congrat's on the silver Hamid. Cheers Mandrak
Thanks everyone for your comments and votes It had been a long time since I did one of these stained glass chops and to be honest I had a lot of fun with this one. I had written a tutorial a long time ago for this effect so if anyone wants to see how its done you could check it out here

Funny Ratatouille with a Pizza

Ratatouille with a Pizza

Funny Ratatouille Chef Upside Down

Ratatouille Chef Upside Down

Funny Oscars Ratatouille

Oscars Ratatouille

Funny Ratatouille, Die Hard 4, and Sicko

Ratatouille, Die Hard 4, and Sicko
Pixar's "Ratatouille" opened as number 1 movie in America this weekend with the estimated ticket receipts of $50 million. Following this rat race is "Die Hard 4" flick with Bruce Willis which keeps the second spot after opening last Wednesday. Michael Moore's documentary "Sicko" opened in only 441 theaters on Friday, but did exceptionally well in each theater, and holds the 9th place in gross box office receipts. Combine any of the following movies - "Ratatouille", "Die Hard", and "Sicko" - in cross-placing characters, movie scenes, posters, or merging in any other way. You can design the new movie titles or keep the old ones. We will allow any of the "Die Hard" installments to be used, however "Die Hard 4" is preferred. Merging all the three films into one is allowed; or just take any two of them.

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