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Funny Rat Pictures

Open to ratsFunny Open to rats
Member reactions:
Cronut Bakery Dominique Ansel Shut Down For "Severe Mouse Infestation"
Rats are celebrating the rock on party,Mind blowing
Good composition... rats are crazy and angry to see the bakery closed good chop well done
Remind me not to go there Great job Luciano

Will `Rat` SmithFunny Will `Rat` Smith
Member reactions:

Looks very interesting Nice Big Ears.. Good Expression..
The Giant Ears and Mouth perfectly matches to show him as a Half Rat and Half Human good work

Catch the RatsFunny Catch the Rats
Member reactions:

Well use of cat pic sources and Rats were looking so cute

The Space RatFunny The Space Rat
Member reactions:

A little step for a rat....
i love this your job, is wonderffuuuulllllll
Awesome creativity.... Rat explored a new planet in space and the Flag is the proof of this Well tried to put the Rat with Oxygen cylinder tied to her small belly good one
Even the rat has the feeling for the nation Very good example set well done hidden
Awesome effects and lighting, I am wondering how that Belt is able to stick those tons of Gas cylinder and please tell that the Rat is of exceptional size or the Planet is LOVE THIS CHOP
This is very well thought out and executed brilliantly. BRAVO.
Marksdesign congrats.... the lighting is wonderful great job..
American mouse takes the silver. Congrats, Mark...

The White Rat and the Black RatFunny The White Rat and the Black Rat
Member reactions:

These two catches rats former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, called the "Black Rat" and the current Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, called the "white rat" ... because they have these strange names. simple, because the first Berlusconi as a rat gnawed Italy, then came Monti and has gnawed the little that was left ... and now Italians there's nothing left to chew on ...
andwhat a great thank for you friend
salis and you are a great friend... as always thaaaank you
Awesome look given to both of them with their representative rats Lovely chop with good lighting source and the work with the smoke on the Gun is really appreciable
stevegsq thank you friend, this characters are persons really horrible ... fascists and thieves
rajeshstar hi my friend thanks a lot, you are always see all details, this means that you really like my work ... and i'm happy
a big hug to all of you my friends, i'm glad you took me well after three months of absence, i'm glad your friendliness ... i'm glad you have not forgotten me ... i was not well, but now i'm fine and i want to make many, many new jobs that will give you a bit of joy. i work only for this, to give a smile with my work. thanks again to all guys.
Ciao, congratulazioni mio amico. Belíssimo Lavoro. Arrivederci.
doc paul a double thaaaank you my friend
joaon thank you very much for your compliments in italian language bravo...
Great political satire, Ricky. Congrats on the silver too.

White House RatsFunny White House Rats
Member reactions:

They love fooling Obama with money and then using thier little weapons on him.
Ha ha ha RatHouse good job, nice work with wall pictures as well

Rat CombatFunny Rat Combat
Member reactions:

* Rats in Army
I like this one...I struggle with where the soldier's metal detector is going......
Freaking awesome, so the Bomb squared appointed a brave Disposer in the Army, Brave job Love the work on specs foggy looks. and nice to see the ears gettin out from the cap
* THK to ALL...all the best in all my dear friends...^v^
Dog duty has been replaced by the rats Excellent Composition very well done
Excellent concept to catch the Land Mines using the Rats, very funny but a daring job And this rat in a helmet which a perfect fit with a goggles on it was a awesome idea
This picture is great,good details and i like the lighting in this picture.
Yeh you may thank all, but they sure as h311 won't be thanking you. All 1's on every entry, yes that is an insult and makes your wooden trophy very empty, just like your comment. The past 5 contests you hv entered (I didn't look further) you gave every entry a 1 & there were 9 gernerous (yes sarcasm) 2's given away. As a moderator here I would mail you to please take note of the voting guidelines and bring a better voting standard to the site, one that matches your work. But as it is I don't need to now.

The Renegade Rat SoldierFunny The Renegade Rat Soldier
Member reactions:

The pants, for some reason, are hilarious.
I appreciate your work Hidden Freaking Awesome and flawless, Hilarious look.. One Mouse Army
This lil critter is so damn cute, well worked.
He looks like the rat version of RAMBO. Awesome work.
Excellent Job Done Real Soldier, the costume the weapon, everything looks greattttttt
Great to see this Rat in an Army Dress, what a freaking concpet executed here A Rat with a Machine Gun, Sword and a Granite launcher behind it looks as if a Daring and Dashing Hero fighting for the country very well done
xD, yes, this little rat is a whole army
Your fantasy animals are always fun. CongRATs.

Rat Cavalry ManFunny Rat Cavalry Man
Member reactions:

OMG what a freaking rat here, look at its hair and the expression is out of the box
Great facial expression with a Cow Boy hat and the Uniform is so professional its perfectly suites the whole image

Rat Patrol - New Elite Landmine UnitFunny Rat Patrol - New Elite Landmine Unit
Member reactions:

We are proud to introduce the newly formed elite army division code name "Rat Patrol"...their job is to what no one else wants to do, find landmines without getting blown to bits. We are sure that they will do a bang up job.
Nice, but the stuff it holds are on air
He is using the force...or he has one of those straps that wrap around the back of his hand to free up his fingers. That is my story and I am sticking to it.
Good concept of Rat Patrol used here, the rat is looking great holding a grenade, and see the facial expression seems to be very happy of a job done successfully Nice Vehicle used behind its perfectly matches the image
This is very well done. If you lightened up the bottom third and placed corresponding shadows from the truck and rat, it would look even better.

Rats in the ArmyFunny Rats in the Army - Giant rats are being bred and trained to sniff out land mines in Africa. Rats are known for their sharp sense of smell, and their weight is not enough to trigger land mines - these two factors make rats ideal mine detectors. Such "army rats" are are equipped with special GPS devices and are trained to circle around the detected land mines to mark them on a map. The rat training program has started in 2008 and has helped to clean tens of thousands landmines left in Tanzania and Angola after civil wars. Photoshop rats serving in the army of any country. Many thanks to AzureSky for the contest suggestion.

RatFunny Rat - Photoshop this rat image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include merging this rat with some other animal or object, including the rat in paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to foxiq of Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Year of RatFunny Year of Rat - 2008 is a Year of the Rat. Being the first sign in the Chinese zodiac, rat is a natural leader and conquerer but is also considered a protector of wealth and bringer of material prosperity. In this contest you are asked to photoshop rats in one way or another wishing a Happy New Year 2008. Since rats and mice are very similar we will also allow any entries with mice in this contest.

RatsFunny Rats - KFC restaurant has been in the news after video cameras there discovered rats racing around the restaurant's floors, playing with each other and sniffing for food as they dashed around tables and children's high chairs. The Department of Health had inspectors at the site in the morning for hours, and by midday had posted a sign that read "CLOSED." The cameras filmed the rats again however. Apparently rats can't read. In this contest you are asked to photoshop rats any way you like. Rats in real life, taking human roles, rats in paintings, giant rats, etc.

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