Rasta Jackson
Rasta Jackson
Rasta Jackson.

Funny Bolt Rasta

Bolt Rasta
Member reactions:
He rejuvenated 8 years because he wears his jersey from Beijing Olympics
Congrats on the silver Mr. Assad. This one would be a great poster.
Thanks CraftyOne,Denlig,lucianomorelli,Hitspinner,HoHouse,SteveGSQ and MsgtBob...

Funny Rasta Buffalo Soldier

Rasta Buffalo Soldier
Buffalo Soldier. Dreadlock Rasta.
Member reactions:
Its totally illusion in the air of your workplace

Funny Rasta Obama Playing in an Alien Band

Rasta Obama Playing in an Alien Band
For Republicans need to play two years
Member reactions:
DeMint: 'Obama has lost contact with reality'
Nice Collection of the characters. Mr Obama looks very young.
Could be great but Obama's head is so small.....
Lots of work here, but for my tastes, it's everything but the kitchen sink. If it'd just been the aliens with saxophones, it would have been more likely to win, I think. Ah, I could be wrong.

Funny Rasta Oranutan

Rasta Oranutan
Member reactions:
What a look a Cow Boy look given to a Monkey... We can call as Monkey Man

Funny Rasta Mitt Romney

Rasta Mitt Romney
Member reactions:
Romney in a long hair grad look looks strong and powered with Music... like the concept of Cd out now

Funny Rasta Fairy Man

Rasta Fairy Man
Member reactions:
I think I know who did this job .. I'm eager to know the result Mon ami .
Excellent transparent wings and the lovely concept of fairy man nice colorful mushroom houses...
Very Funny Cosutme Very well design Nice Legs
Amazing colors and its a wonderland work, lovely lighting to the little houses and Freaky smoking guy
Congrats Mon ami . Great job . And happy to see you back
Silver congrats, oo0cns0oo
Congrats on second and I do recognize the rocks.
Thanks guys.

Funny Grumpy Rasta Midget

Grumpy Rasta Midget

Funny Rasta Barack Obama

Rasta Barack Obama
please view in Hi-Res
Member reactions:
Tried the doobie (in the image as well ) but it didn't work with the microphone . . . too busy, and didn't appear as much like he was singing . . . Here's the link , tell me what you think . . .
mmm, he definatly looks like a dedicated smoker.....good job eh...
Freaking superb work here. Should have placed much higher

Funny The Rasta Royal Family Photo

The Rasta Royal Family Photo

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