Rare ` Lepre Chimp `.
Rare ` Lepre Chimp `.
Rare " Lepre Chimp ".. Member reactions:
Gorgeous green ape, and wears the crown well. Congrats on the Wood, Hobbit.
Very very well done. Congrats on the wood.
Thanks a lot , Cosmix, Manosart and CraftLord.

Funny Moon Landing Rare Photo

Moon Landing Rare Photo
Member reactions:
One of my faves in the contest. Love the retro feel to it.
Is my fav in this contest. The black and white really gives it a nostalgic feel.

Funny Rare Stamp of Vladimir Putin Skiing

Rare Stamp of Vladimir Putin Skiing
Member reactions:
Sochi is a sort of resurrection for Vlady
The ski + snowboard construction here is brilliant.

Funny Jum Carrey Catches a Rare Alligator Fish

Jum Carrey Catches a Rare Alligator Fish
Member reactions:
Great job done on the blending, hidden. Funny look on Jim's face..... Good Luck.
Great like the skin texture for the whole image its looks good, very nicely chopped looks real
Clean job and nice expression cute animal

Funny Rare Michael Jordan Coin

Rare Michael Jordan Coin
view in Hi-Res

Funny Rare Lizard Creature

Rare Lizard Creature
Please view full.

Funny Baby John Kennedy Rare Photo

Baby John Kennedy Rare Photo
Member reactions:
Great work
Strange how sad this turned out, huh. You twinned it right, Cicsaix and evoked emotion
Congrats, great work

Funny Rare Photo of JFK and Cheeta

Rare Photo of JFK and Cheeta
Rare photo of JFK and Cheeta from the classic tarzan movies. Source
Member reactions:
yeah, smart thinking. I couldn't come up with a photo that was intersting enough to do a chop about, but you came up with the clever solution of making the photo a part of a bigger and more intersting chop.
Very good job, but I do not like the yellow light coming from the skyline. On hand will note the yellow light, when it should not be in this light. You like to see the sources.
Art meets satire here. it's no monkey business. Me likes a lot.
Silver medal of honor for forensic officer Chaos too. Bravo.

Funny Rare Flying Camel

Rare Flying Camel
Usually seen at ice skating events. Source.
Member reactions:
Hey, not only it's a great camelbird, it's got nice FN tags on its feet. Love it.
This is just about the weirdest thing I have ever seen hahahahahahhahahahahahaa
I also love how you included the pyramids and game them a motion blur to create feeling of the flight motion

Funny Rare Three Headed Flamingo

Rare Three Headed Flamingo
Member reactions:
Here's what I call a smart chick with long legs

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