Rapper MLS
Rapper MLS
Rapper MLS. Member reactions:
Outstanding, MLK looks great as a rapper. Congrats on the cup MrAssad.

Funny Rapper


Funny Rapper MLK

Rapper MLK
Member reactions:
Congratz, pretty cool one ...
Thank you,CraftyOne,SteveGSQ,MsgtBob,Wanderer,Armatien.

Funny Rapper Abe Lincoln

Rapper Abe Lincoln

Funny Suge Knight the Rapper Thug

Suge Knight the Rapper Thug
Bail Suge Knight, notorious thug of Death Row Records is told by judge he can post bail for 25 mil if he can prove the money was earned legally. Good luck Suge Thanks to R.W. Pike for use of Obama Portrait
Member reactions:
What happened to the rest of the bailiff's body.
From the size of Suge I expect he ate it. Wasn't finished, just reserved the spot in case I had to take the dog to the vet. All done now TY
Awesome but his legs look very different in dimension.
Hi yo ho. So the rapper thug got me a silver. Will wonders never cease. I was captivated by the story. Image the embarrassment regular folks like us would fee if a judge said he did not trust our money to have been earned honestly. This guy probably thinks it was a compliment . Well, thanks Andrew, Luciano (No clue what you mean, bud)Swashbuckle and doc
Super cool Tim
Great work Tim, congrats on the silver. Hilarious and well composed.

Funny Barack Obama the Gold Rapper

Barack Obama the Gold Rapper
Obama Tax Cuts Will Push Investors Further to Gold Full View Plz......
Member reactions:
Bling-Bling Prez... i da (White) house. Quality work
Stunning, remarkable even. And I see you speak perfect urban drop-out Congrats on the cup
Congrats silvercanine ... gold for gold....

Funny My Gangsta Rapper by Dali

My Gangsta Rapper by Dali
Member reactions:
Yeah, but you know as well as this is done, I SORT OF REJECT IT SIMPLY DUE TO THE "Rap" subject. I am just done with those guys in general. So I am a lousy judge of this one. But I will say fine choppage, Jock. you have impressed me more and more

Funny Abraham Lincoln Rapper

Abraham Lincoln Rapper
MC Abe
Member reactions:
Lincoln looks great in this dress.... Awesome job done
Best colors, very smooth and quality chop. Perfect shads brilliant Name tag. Good luck with those eyes
Congratulations. One of your better ones. Nice work.
Stylish & clever. One of the best chops of Lincoln I've seen. Silver congrats, Mundo.

Funny Barack Obama Rapper

Barack Obama Rapper
I hope you like
Member reactions:
tks, Rick your opinion is very important to me,

Funny Rapper Being Shot

Rapper Being Shot
rap rule Musician Wyclef Jean treated for gunshot
Member reactions:
Sad news. Great chop. Wish the image were larger though.
Yes, Great chop image is small

Funny Rapper Gaddafi

Rapper Gaddafi
Tuesday evening, Libya's defiant Muammar Gaddafi addressed the country on national television. Speaking angrily, loudly, with eloquent hand gestures he vowed to fight the riots, and asked supporters help him to crush the rebellion. Overwhelmed with his anger and emotions Gaddafi acted and sounded like a rapper in this video. We made a short animation from the video screenshots. Photoshop Muammar Gaddafi as a rapper one way or another. Some examples are: show him performing, place him in da Libyan hood, or design a cover of his next album (what hits will be included there?).

Funny Rappers

Create images of Rappers being "role models" or what their next CD's might look like with them trying to be "role models". Note: Although Will Smith specifically mentions African-American rappers, please use any Rappers in your images.

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