Rap King
Rap King
Rap King. Member reactions:
Very cool with great caricature work, he might have been a good rapper
Face is a bit long but it gets the point across. Thamk you. What do you mean by three peat, Duane.

Funny Ice T the Father of Gangsta Rap

Ice T the Father of Gangsta Rap
Ice T is considered the first Gangsta Rapper
Member reactions:
Yeah, Xmas is coming Thanks HH, Newsy, Oldschool andAndwhat
Tea for Two Congrats on the Silver as well Hit man. Stunningly well done.
Another nice one. Did you misspell Grateful on purpose.

Funny Martin Luther King the Rap King

Martin Luther King the Rap King
Member reactions:
Perfect... one love the dove and the rock style Martin good one
sharp and clear very fitting for modern times.
Cool, bro

Funny Rapping Cat and His Friend

Rapping Cat and His Friend
Retro Cats, Party Down. source images
Member reactions:
Thank You Andwhat Thanks Gums.... That Cat swinging on the light, must be doing his interpretation of Miley Cyrus. Thanks my friend Silver C. Nice of you to note the caricature work of the Kitty's face.
Thanks Geri... Glad you like it. Bells...reindeer have bells this time of the year, don't they.
Pu55y got the Move So fancy step, stepping up on the rope and over the drawer Just cant stop my laugh.... One of the Best step after PSY
Dat is one cool Snoop Catt Love the retro style here.
Thanks Eric, NewsMaster, and D-man. I appreciate everyones wonderful comments, and votes.
Congrats on the Gold.
Thanks Bob, Hidreley, PJ, and Paul,
Congratulations and waiting for ur next move
Thanks Newsy. Thanks very much Eric...
Wonderful work. I apologize from you is that I can not really comment on the pictures, but unfortunately the police rather busy in my life, and if there is time, I create it and then, upload a picture. Contributions, up to the weekend I have time when I'm not in service. The point is that wonderful job and love it. Congratulations on the win and the gold trophy.
Thanks KTO. No problem Kris. We all have our different constraints. Yours seems a bit more difficult than most..... Your comments, and Art Works are much appreciated. Keep'em coming My Friend.
This is just so nice, riotous and funny. It's like this website I saw, animals acting like humans.

Funny Kid Rock - Kid Rap

Kid Rock - Kid Rap
Member reactions:
From Rock to Rap, from kid to man. Nice chop. So it's Rap and Roll now.
I loved this one... Keith looks freakin awesome... congrats.

Funny Rap Killers Eminem and Lil Wayne

Rap Killers Eminem and Lil Wayne
Eminem and Lil Wayne stand as Hip Hop's most sucessful rappers in recent years.
Member reactions:
This is a Hollywood poster-highest marks.
Fabulous job with many details. Love the gangsta teddy, .
thanks alot guys,I had fun doing this chop,by the way two of my favorite rappers
congrats dillema excellent caricature work...

Funny Barack Obama Signs Rap Contract

Barack Obama Signs Rap Contract
Please check out the sources and view full. Thanks. the source magazine source tupac source image
Member reactions:
Barack's fortunes turned when he realized he could make more money doing gangster rap for a living.
I'm glad you explained the "luck" part cause I missed it with the chop. I smiled with the "we didn't know he was black"...not a bad chop
Funky chop and "we did not even know he was black".
Barack is too old to "Be Black"; that's so 90s and he was a grown adult, besides, there isn't just one group being Black, and there isn't just one group being White. Your photoshop work is good; would have been nice if you had played with the words and made them more political.

Funny LL Cool J Rapping

LL Cool J Rapping
whatever it was, don't call it that.

Funny Bill Gates Rapping

Bill Gates Rapping
Microsoft Sorry For Gaffe That Gives New Meaning to Norwegian Wood
Member reactions:
good one, like the way the bill is reacting after this

Funny Obama King of Rap

Obama King of Rap
Member reactions:
Oh, almost thought maybe you forgot the the C.{King of Crap}.
thanks every for your comment. next time i'll make king of crap... hehehe

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