Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters
Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters
Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters.

Funny Congressman Charles B. Rangel Selfie

Congressman Charles B. Rangel Selfie
At home on the Democratic Plantation
Member reactions:
Wish his face was of higher resolution. Good idea though

Funny Charlie Rangel Racist

Charlie Rangel Racist
Racist Charlie Rangel Another Old Bigot still fanning the flames of hatred.
Member reactions:
Nice caricature and good background lighting sources

Funny Charles Rangel Burglar

Charles Rangel Burglar
Charles Rangel to Insist He's Not That Bad Sources Used
Member reactions:
Cool chop and the hair makes him look like some kind of prison punk, . Bling-bling tooth is a nice touch.
Simply the best, the detail to hair really sealed this for me.
Heeeeeeey, welcome back you old bushwhacker. If you were a real pal you would have taken 2nd and let the old man go first, ya know hahahahaha Serriously, you aced that hair looks like you illustrated it but left it stiff without softening the pixels... am I close. Congrads on the cup, very well deserved
Thanks all. Hitspinner, it was a fun horse race . The hair is basically just a porcupine. I didn't do much to it except duplicate it, set the outer layer to SCREEN, a little burning, dodging and a touch of Topaz Clean 3. Most of my time was spent on lighting, colors and trying to get the best balance on different monitors, 7 monitors, 7 different images. I need a standard video configuration that I can trust is accurate.
Congrats on the win, KIR. That's what I call a hair-raising chop.
hey that's awesome work keepoo .. Congrats on the gold and happy to see you again
Congrats keepitreal on the gold...Fantastic caricature work.

Funny Charles Rangel in Drag

Charles Rangel in Drag
Member reactions:
HoHouse I would never have recognised this as yours. Not up to your usual standard. You beein producing some lovely work since I came back.
Chris, this was one of Duane's classic f--- it chops hahhahaah. I think he might be sending a message that Charlie isn't worth any more time than this.

Funny Charles Rangel Playing Baseball

Charles Rangel Playing Baseball
Right price for Rangel: Give him the boot Re-elected with over 80% of the vote.
Member reactions:
Watch it buddy, you are about to trip over.
I'd rather be standing in front of him than behind, just in case

Funny Rep. Charles Rangel

Rep. Charles Rangel
Harlem rally
Member reactions:
Oh man, that is funny stuff... Well done and thanks for the laugh...

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