Fifth And Final Rambo Movie Announced
Fifth And Final Rambo Movie Announced
Fifth And Final Rambo Movie Announced. Sylvester Stallone announces the title of the 5th and final Rambo movie
Member reactions:
Suggestive. How can he put on a bandana withe hair like that .
congrats on the double, mr p. stallone needs to do some pushups it seems.
Bronze congrats Doc. I love the t-itty high waist line
Congrats, Paul. All your works in the contest GREAT.
Congrats on the bronze, Paul. That about sums it up for Rambo's final movie. "Last Blood".
Thanks, everyone. Tim, I was laughing as I was hiking up his pants. Let's hope it's the last one, Newsy.
Congrats on the double Doc. Both entries extremely funny. ...
Congratulations...I feel nauseated. My Hero melts into a puddle of aging humanity.

Funny Rambo


Funny Rambo Minimalist Movie Poster

Rambo Minimalist Movie Poster

Funny Rambo make up

Rambo make up
Member reactions:
Love the tattoo and the makeover of eyes and lips its really a coming out stunt

Funny Rambo :-o

Rambo :-o
Please check out the full view.
Member reactions:
Is this new trailer for RamboIII very freaky touch given to him
Nice work with eyes its different freaky smiley :-*

Funny Rambo in Washington DC

Rambo in Washington DC
Mr. Rambo Goes To Washington.
Member reactions:
Thank you, my friend RICKYTREK1. I am pleased you like this work.
Superb job , very well done ...
Its Awesome, what a fantastic entry with clean and smooth artistic work
Great to see Rambo Again nice caricature and excellent and clean job done
Many Thanks to Chili, Ricky, Hobbit, Eric, Rajeshstar, and Diamonds.
Awesome stuff done really superb. Rambo is my fav.
Thank you very very much balodiya, Laredog, and qtrmoonshop. I'm pleased that you like it.
Thanks News Master. Awesome site man. I enjoy playing here a great deal.

Funny Rambo Statue of Liberty

Rambo Statue of Liberty
Please view in Hi-Res
Member reactions:
Fantastic texture work. Gotta love how you did the skewed sly's lips
looks like this would make an awesome recruiting poster for the military
Thanks everyone . . . and thanks pcrdds, I liked it too, and certainly felt it didn't deserve 4's . . .

Funny Post Atomic Rambo

Post Atomic Rambo
Member reactions:
FANTASTIC, excellent use of the topaz. I like it. Good luck for you.
Excellent work amico hidden . . . especially love the crooked nose . . . Wooooodennnnnn congrats . . . Solid work as usual . . .
great work ricky .. i like this one more .. Congrats on the wooody keep going

Funny Mr Bean Rambo

Mr Bean Rambo
Bean Rambo
Member reactions:
Hum, there is a word I can't say on this site even though it is super mild. Ok, you almost made him very desireable.

Funny Sylvester Stallone Rambo Caricature

Sylvester Stallone Rambo Caricature
I'm not afraid of being killed.

Funny Rambo 4

Rambo 4
26 years after the first installment, Rambo returns on the screens with the fourth sequel this Friday. The movie has been getting mixed reviews but most critics predict high box office receipts, at least this opening weekend. Sly is turning 62 this year but he was is a decent shape for this movie, as well as in the Rocky's fourth sequel a year ago. Let's see how viewers like the film. Photoshop Rambo 4 any way you wish. Design posters, merge with other movies, etc. You can also design further sequels (Rambo 5, 6, etc).

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