Happy Ramadan card
Happy Ramadan card
Happy Ramadan card. I finally get to use some of my cartoons. Full view is much better. by the way this is an original cartoon of mine.
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i see some screen on the front picture, but i like the concept, nice job.
This shows the true intent of the Muslims. They smile & try 2 kill you at the same time. Their god is not the God of the Bible because God gives life & doesn't want to kill innocent people.
Sort of like the God that flooded the earth and killed everything but Noah, his family and the animals on the ark.
OOOOOOPS.MISSING.A couple of muslim kids with blown up brains thrown on the doorstep of the mosque...'cause this is how muslims spend their HAPPY RAMADAN.
when an ignorant speaks ,nothing can be said

Funny Ramadan

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I love the episode where robert does something strange, then ray makes fun of him, and the father says something sarcastic to the mother, and debra gets angry with ray.
awesome. the guy in the middle even looks like Raymond..

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