Rainy Night
Rainy Night
Rainy Night. Member reactions:
Unusual but nice effects.. Congrats on the wood
Congrats on the win, it dose look like a Van Gogh.

Funny Duckling on a Rainy Day

Duckling on a Rainy Day
This little duck likes to stay dry.

Funny Beer on a Rainy Night

Beer on a Rainy Night
Member reactions:
looks like it took awhile. Can you post your sources
not sure if it's just me, but some of the html is missing under the entry. nice chop though.
Nice chop indeed and the link works for me.
Thanks for posting the source. Lots of creativity and work went into this composition.
A lot of work here, nicely done. I have to go crack me a cold one now Congrats.
Great work Nannygoatman , congrats on the silver and keep up top chops man
Thankyou all for your comments. You all do great work.

Funny Walking to Sunday School on a Rainy Morning

Walking to Sunday School on a Rainy Morning
Member reactions:
This is pretty, but IMO, either the other child should have less of his legs covered or our little umbrella girl should have more of hers covered. It sorta looks like she's waling on top of half of the grass.
Thanks dreamer. I guess I can see what you mean. Will fix.
the perspective of the kids in relation to the church and the people seems a bit odd. its like they are on some kinda hill maybe. Maybe u should lower them from the horizon.
I don't see what slix sees...guess I'm accustomed to living in slope areas.
Yeah....I wanted it to appear as if they were making their way down a small hill towards the church. I guess I could have done better. Thanks for the constructive criticism guys. It is always a huge help.

Funny Another Rainy Monday

Another Rainy Monday
The sea lions have drifted pretty far inland on the red buoy.
Member reactions:
Nice try, Only drift made this much then what will happen if they will come to this place..

Funny Rainy Day Painting

Rainy Day Painting
Member reactions:
It's so well blended, it's almost subtle change at the first look.
I think i see Johnny Depp Waaaaaay in the background... nice.
fits like a glove...or should I say umbrella. good work.

Funny Rainy Day People

Rainy Day People
Member reactions:
What Th.. x2 very funny, you could have subdued some of the brighter colors though, maybe even making it black and white. OK.

Funny Rainy Days & Mondays Pop Art

Rainy Days & Mondays Pop Art
It's Monday...AND it's rainy. Like the song says...
Member reactions:
I know just how you feel...interesting image.

Funny Rainy Day Man

Rainy Day Man
Inspired by Guster's song Rainy Day

Funny Hillary Clinton and Obama Going to Work on a Rainy Day

Hillary Clinton and Obama Going to Work on a Rainy Day
Member reactions:
like it, but i think the depth perseption on the shadows are all out
The reflection on the floor is off. It looks like the man looking out the window is floating.
You incorporated some of the other contests nicely AND we can recognize McCain from the back ... Good job...but, Hillary isn't playing to this degree any longer What's she doing on that roof. Trying to save Obama or just feeding the pigeons, uh crows, uh baby vultures .
The reflections are....strange. I know it can be hard when a Vertical Flip isn't enough. But now it looks like he's standing on his heels. And the reflections of Obama and Hillary aren't correct either. Hillary's umbrella is higher than Obama's head, but in the reflection it's the other way around...
McCain doesn't look like he's floating to me...just standing on a very shiny floor...right.
This is probably the best joint use of several apprentice contest sources I have seen. Very impressed. Love many details. It's a hoot.
Hillary has lost her marbles, walking a parapet, sporting an umbrella on a nearly cloudless day. The crow is some of the crow she'll be eating for a while to come. McCain has briefly woken from one of his long naps (boxer shorts), wondering what the fuss is about. Obama is being restrained for his own safety. He is exceedingly exuberant and jumpng for joy because it's his 47th birthday. And the Party is to the left, the far left.
Thanks Steve...whoddathunk. Ok, so we got a problem with depth perception, shadows, floating people, weird reflections and big heads...but there sure are a lot of comments...and I'll bet everyone smiled when they saw this one. I know I did.

Funny Rainy Day

Rainy Day
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with photoshopping provided source images. Photoshop this rainy day image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - addition more people or objects to this rainy day image, changing the weather in the image, putting it into some new environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Jenny Rollo and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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