Your Pot at the end of the Rainbow
Your Pot at the end of the Rainbow
Your Pot at the end of the Rainbow.

Funny Pot at the end of the Rainbow

Pot at the end of the Rainbow

Funny Man Finding the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Man Finding the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow
Member reactions:
Redid, reposted, had a Leprechaun I didn't know was deviantart.
A beautiful work of art. Great colors and really like the sheep and his running mate.

Funny James Garner on Horseback Under a Rainbow

James Garner on Horseback Under a Rainbow
Member reactions:
Nice, but I wish he took a bigger (anmd more central) space in the composition

Funny Vladimir Putin Rainbow Curling

Vladimir Putin Rainbow Curling
Member reactions:
the gay badge. Suggestion: would be interesting to see if the brushes were changed to whips
Nicely done. I guess Putin is getting a pretty good lambasting in this contest

Funny Ayreon Across The Rainbow Bridge

Ayreon Across The Rainbow Bridge
And now this Rainbow Bridge: an iridescent span of tears - so fragile and yet so strong. Will it support your mortal shells. Or will you fall into the fiery brine below. I hark back to olden days to her and her magic ways two souls in harmony in an endless sea the cruel wings of destiny carried you away from me and left a heart unstilled that never will be filled beyond these stygian skies our fortress lies across the rainbow bridge we'll span the sea of tears and conquer all our fears (inside) forsake this mourning field and drop your shield across the rainbow bridge run to the other side where all our dreams abide I'd sacrifice my very life to have you at my side like a dream I see your face through the misty haze we were one amid the stars and time never healed my scars deep inside the sadness burns I must return. scarlet crimson rosy red I must be dead or stoned out of my head orange yellow tangerine the acid queen in a psychedelic scene ochre chestnut chocolate brown I'm upside down on a cosmic eiderdown ivory milky chalky white, the stars ignite, I vanish in the light - that burns so bright Step forward. Beyond lies your goal: the Electric Castle. The past is gone. Do you wish to lapse in limbo forever. No. Be resolute.. There are trials ahead - and rewards for those who strive: the Surreal Search endures... run run the past is gone, it cannot be undone run run the future is here, our fate is drawing near
Member reactions:
Like the shades and the vibrant color smoke creates an illusion
The insect eye in the middle scares me a bit

Funny Grandpa in a Rainbow Field

Grandpa in a Rainbow Field
Member reactions:
Original picture
Took me a while to download the original photo - huge indeed. You did a good job on it. Is it your grandfather.
Amazing chop... the Glasses worn to your grandfather is amazing... the shadows were perfectly behind the glass looks real... a awesome background chosen great job overall
He is looking smart grandfather and background is matching with this man....Nice chop
Congrats on the wood, uCkPeH. Welcome back.
Congrats on the wood. Nice and great work. Like it.

Funny Andy Warhol in a Rainbow Mist

Andy Warhol in a Rainbow Mist

Funny Parrot in a Rainbow Wig

Parrot in a Rainbow Wig
Member reactions:
Lovely and colorful wig attached to the beauty parrot very good one
This would have been my pick for number 1.

Funny Multi-Colored Rainbow Snake

Multi-Colored Rainbow Snake
It sure took awhile to color each little scale on this snake but, it was fun.
Member reactions:
Very beautiful,great job.As an owner of four snakes,i would love to see an actual morph of this snake.I would love to own this snake.Not likely to happen,though
This is what I love about Freaking News, we can put things in a chop that we would like it be like.Thanks so much for your comment.I've been coloring on him for awhile now.
Wicked job, came out beautifully, worth the effort
... Lovely work with Gems yummy want to eat those candies great chop nice turn of a snake with the lovely colorful scales
AMAZINGLY Done, light effect to each and every scale is fantastic..adorable work with full marks
Tons of coloring work here. Congrats on the silver, Hobbit.

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