Member reactions:
One word for this pic"FANTASTIC"..🛸
Nice Work. The little girl reminds me of Drew Barrymore in the movie Firestarter.
Thanks Hobbit Ha I see that Splat and Thanks
Captivating image and a treat, Cosmix. Great job with the many source layers and congrats on the Bronze.
Lots to look at. Like a candy store. Congrats Cos.
Hopefully this won't happen when they go raiding area 51..😁..really amazing much to see

Funny The Hulk in an Air Raid

The Hulk in an Air Raid
The Incredible Hulk is not very amused by the air raid.
Member reactions:
First off, the picture is awesome. But to my US History knowledge....the germans weren't in that battle in the Pacific,Japan was.. (I could be wrong) All in all, Great work on the image......
Good work. I guess photographs like this don't exist, thus the illustration.
cool, i think it would have worked better if you had desaturated hulk though
You are right with the Germans. I slipped through my attention. Sorry for the confusion

Funny Self Defense Trainer Joins Police Raid

Self Defense Trainer Joins Police Raid
Member reactions:
Pretty cool, but I wish the source took bigger part in the composition

Funny White House Crasher Raid

White House Crasher Raid
Member reactions:
, all the famous faces. Excellent blending
Nice work HoH. You surprised me on this one, had no idea who chopped it, but I like it.. Congrats.
That was really amazing hohouse glad to see you in top 3 congrats on the bronze and keep up nice works
Bronze for HoHouse - this was one of my favs in the contest. Congrats.

Funny Pirates Raiding a Town

Pirates Raiding a Town
Member reactions:
Good remake - lots of light and shadow work went into this one to make it looks right. Hats off.
Looks like Ronald McDonald got into this one.

Funny Man Raiding Women's Underwear on a Bicycle

Man Raiding Women's Underwear on a Bicycle
story here Another brilliant idea gone wrong in Minnesota
Member reactions:
This is very funny in my opinion. The man is a bit dark. The underwear would be blurry as it is flying off into the wind.
hahaha... the underwear are very nicely blanded in, good job

Funny Panty Raid

Panty Raid
Member reactions:
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuny... Thanks, you made my day.
hey, is there a fish market next door.

Funny Bozo O'Dork Caught In Pantie Raid

Bozo O'Dork Caught In Pantie Raid
Click Here For The Freaking News Story
Member reactions:
Great idea, just a little blurry around the mouth area.

Funny John Boehner vs Harry Raid

John Boehner vs Harry Raid
There is a rumor that John Boehner dropped an F-Bomb on Harry Raid.
Member reactions:
Loosers have different meaning the correct spelling is losers and love the F word What it represents .
Gimp doesn't come with spell checker, and I am slightly disabled.

Funny Raid the Holiday Killer

Raid the Holiday Killer
Member reactions:
Well Said.... Do not spray on Santa during Christmas then who will bring us the gifts

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