Tomb Raider Poster
Tomb Raider Poster
Tomb Raider Poster. Why not use a real production photo of her. Rather than some frankensteined hot mess.. This is actually her, actually holding a bow.... here's a making of: link

Funny Raiders of the lost eyesight

Raiders of the lost eyesight

Funny Star Wars in Tomb Raider

Star Wars in Tomb Raider

Funny Star Wars in `Raiders of the Lost Ark` movie

Star Wars in `Raiders of the Lost Ark` movie
Member reactions:
Good one but you forget to cut a gray zone between the lrgs of the robot.
congrats Hits.c3po, seems to be puzzled by the strange choice in wardrope of han solo.
Thanks all. Straight chopping 101 and I tried to give it a authentic vintage poster appearance.
A real beauty, with perfectly fitting pieces. Congrats on Silver, Hits.

Funny James Carney Corporate Raiders

James Carney Corporate Raiders
Member reactions:
Brilliant work, though, sorry but I will complain about the face. If the face is to be transformed, his distinct face features need to be exaggerated, not changed for the opposite. Carney has (in real life) a rounded oval face with full cheeks. Changing his face to narrow-pointy with hollow cheeks makes him recognizable only by his eyes and the glasses. I see you straightened his hair too, while he's got bushy hair in real life. Such transformations, for me, take away from otherwise outstanding work here. The flags over the crossed Obama sign are really clever.
Now we're talking - great edit. and congrats on the bronze, Hitman.
Bronze Congratulations HitMan. Precision Work.
Bronze congrats, Tim. Unbelievably close.

Funny Mona Lisa Tomb Raider

Mona Lisa Tomb Raider
(Mona Lisa + Belle Ferronière + Lara Croft)
Member reactions:
Another variation of the Mona Lisa. Well done.
Well done, good texture, perfect blanding
Another good one PJ.. One hellova transformation of La Giaconda Congrats on the woody
...and congrats on the wood. Viva Italia.

Funny Raiders of the Lost Ark Pictogram Movie Poster

Raiders of the Lost Ark Pictogram Movie Poster
Member reactions:
Yes I probably saw it when it came out at the movie theater, which shows I am old
Nice way to represent the film through pictograms like the characters of Animals in that ship

Funny Rainman Raider

Rainman Raider
A tribute to our Number 1 man..... AZ Rainman Whoop our asses again mate...

Funny Womb Raider

Womb Raider
Member reactions:
. Love how the baby is wearing his gun already.
Bronze congrats, Slixta and special congrats on your first trifecta. A true honor for a resident FN prankster.

Funny Sarah Palin in Tomb Raider

Sarah Palin in Tomb Raider
Sarah "Croft" Palin in "Presidential Tomb Raider" (planned for a 2012 release.)
Member reactions:
Full size is nice. She may need to start training now. Prez Ridah.

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