Raging Red  Chucky Schumer
Raging Red  Chucky Schumer
Raging Red Chucky Schumer . Member reactions:
, very funny political satire work. Congrats on the Wood, HoHouse.
, didn't notice President Trump's head on the ground, he should make Chuckie Build The Wall, Nancy can help. Congrats on your win....
Alright... Podium Wood. Nice Done, HH. Congrats.

Funny Raging Pacman Video

Raging Pacman Video
Man...I sure had to rework this some. I misread, and had 35 instead of 32, and changed several times. Give me an extra credit for trying so hard...
Member reactions:
This is great but I'm sure the votes will be higher if you color it
Nice retouch....I agree much better in color,but it did look nice B&W.
I guess its Xbox to PS conversion ha ha ha nice idea
in my humble opinion the B/W version was much better. It reminded me of the horror films of the 50's.
Great this is the larger and final version of Pacman in 3d . good job

Funny Parking Lot Rage Warnings on Machine

Parking Lot Rage Warnings on Machine
Parking-lot Rage
Member reactions:
agression not just for hockey players anymore.

Funny Bill Clinton Raging Bull

Bill Clinton Raging Bull
Bill is really trying to help Hillary but this story says he may be hurting her more than he's helping.

Funny Raging Mr. Bean

Raging Mr. Bean
Member reactions:
Congratulations on the creative concept, perfect blending and on the silver trophy. Nice to see your chops again, Koosricardo.
Hey Koos it's back..... and as normal at him... with a great skills. Congrats on the silver old friend.

Funny Raging Taxi Driver

Raging Taxi Driver
Raging Bull + Taxi Driver = Raging Taxi Driver
Member reactions:
looks like a bit animated still nice concept tho.
Quality work in many regards. Congratulations, Deb.

Funny Raging Bull Boxing Movie

Raging Bull Boxing Movie
Member reactions:
A Cock and Bull Story.

Funny Road Rage Magazine

Road Rage Magazine
Tailgators cause collisions and lose lawsuits ...
Member reactions:
Not bad. I'd put more title content on the cover though, to imitate the real magazone cover
I had more content on the cover, but it just looked too overcrowded ... just chalk it up to "poetic license" and thanks for the STAR.

Funny Air rage

Air rage
How many fingers am i holding up Jackass. NEAR MISS

Funny Los Angeles Road Rage

Los Angeles Road Rage
Don't shoot.
Member reactions:
I think it would have been better without the bubble. Surely did enjoy it, though.

Funny Raging Fire

Raging Fire
Golfers photographed recently playing a round at the Beacon Rock Golf Course in North Bonneville, Washington, while a devastating wildfire raged in the tree-lined hills behind them. The striking image of intrepid players putting calmly against an apocalyptic backdrop has been shared widely on social media. Create images of SPORTS being played while fires are raging somewhere in or around the players. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

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