Radioactive Waste in the Water
Radioactive Waste in the Water
Radioactive Waste in the Water.

Funny Vladimir Putin the Waitress Serving Radioactive Drinks

Vladimir Putin the Waitress Serving Radioactive Drinks
Mr. Putin and the Poisonous London Tea Party
Member reactions:
Thanks Crafty, not sure I get your point Luciano

Funny Mutants in Old Radioactive Factory

Mutants in Old Radioactive Factory

Funny Radioactive Landscape of the Future

Radioactive Landscape of the Future
Five glimpses of the future
Member reactions:
Gotta say, love your work Funk, never disappointed. You have a web site.

Funny Radioactive Marine

Radioactive Marine
Full View Please....
Member reactions:
Great colors and subdued texturing. "Toxic" theme is cool.
Welcome back Dr. Silvercuspid. Great job.
Good to see you Silver-C. Congratz on the CUP.
Beautiful work... It is great to see you back and creating top chop quality.....Congrats one the silver. Loking at the scores... it was close.....
Congrats on the silver, Mr. SilverCanine. Always glad to see you.

Funny Radioactive Water

Radioactive Water
Leak of radioactive water continues at Japan plant
Member reactions:
Sad news. Quality chop. Update: they now started disposing of the radioactive water into the ocean. About 11,000 tons of this radioactive water to be dumped into the ocean. Godzilla will soon see some real mutant sea creatures then...

Funny Radioactive HandBag

Radioactive HandBag
Can prevent thievery. Can bite and scream. also, Can be a pet. ENJOY....
Member reactions:
This could be handy in subway when the lights are out - both as a light source and protection, .

Funny Radioactive Waste

Radioactive Waste
If you know of anything less polluting than nuclear energy to run your machines... This gentleman would like to know about it
Member reactions:
there are some masking issues where your flowing pipe meets the smokestack.
Good composition. Makes you think of how massive the pollution is

Funny Radioactive Blagojevich Hair

Radioactive Blagojevich Hair

Funny Radioactive Paint

Radioactive Paint

Funny Radioactive Products

Radioactive Products
Low concentrations of radioactive particles from Japan's disaster-hit nuclear power plant have been heading eastwards and are expected to reach North America in days. However, the officials of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said these radioactive clouds are "nothing to worry about", because "the expected radiation levels will be quite low, and not dangerous for Americans". As one official added "In the past when they had nuclear weapons tests in China ... then there were similar clouds all the time without anybody caring about it at all". So, according to the NRC officials, we have radiation heading towards us but it "should be nothing to worry about". Perhaps this radiation will even be useful? Design any new/useful radioactive products, or turn any existing products into radioactive products and show how they can still be useful.

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