Radio Flyer
Radio Flyer
Radio Flyer. You eat 3 of those Gummies you'll be flying alright.
Member reactions:
Fantastic work, Gummy. Gummy bears and phone very nice touch.

Funny Big Ben as BBC radio for Homo Sovieticus

 Big Ben as BBC radio for Homo Sovieticus

Funny Trump's Big Radio Speech

Trump's Big Radio Speech

Funny Howard Stern Radio Show

Howard Stern Radio Show
Member reactions:
Cool transformation - he looks a bit devilish

Funny Mel Gibson Radio Advert

Mel Gibson Radio Advert
Aussie contest to win a "Little Nipper" radio
Member reactions:
Thank you Christine, for your lovely comments and that my "Little Nipper" pleased you

Funny Rush Limbaugh's Radio Wars as a Tank

Rush Limbaugh's Radio Wars as a Tank
The Old Tank
Member reactions:
Hilarious to see his situation good use of Tank in this chop
This is awesome... I want to be like that some day when I visit my freaky friend in next street

Funny Rush Limbaugh the Radio Warrior

Rush Limbaugh the Radio Warrior
Member reactions:
Barney momma in the background is freaking hilarious. I like how you did the GOP shield too
Woody congrats, Hitspinner. Remember to see your doctor if the woody lasts more than 4 hours.
Awesome Hits. Looks a little like Letterman with the helmet on...
congrats wise man, the microphone sward is a nice touch
Woody for a fine wood collector. Congrats Hits.
another fine chop, congrats on the woody Hits.

Funny FHH Radio Commercial

FHH Radio Commercial
Taking 'hit radio' to a whole new level Full view please.
Member reactions:
Nice piece. I like the overall look that the fire creates.
Would make a great real advert for FFH radio.
Great work teschy congrast one the woody and keep up top chops going

Funny Radio Shack Photoshop Computer Advert

Radio Shack Photoshop Computer Advert
it's a tribute
Member reactions:
... This just cracks me up, from Newsy's expression to the Remmy pic...
Still hilarious, but you wrote that it's a 'color computer' and made the screen in black & white. Looks like a screen capture taken from an old Mac, isn't it. Oh, whatever. It's even more hilarious, now.
this cracked me up too, the first pc i had was a trs80 color computer 2 Bf's Hubby..

Funny City in an Old Radio - Radio City

City in an Old Radio - Radio City
Member reactions:
Love the pun too. Nice to see you back Doc.

Funny Vintage Radio

Vintage Radio
Photoshop this vintage radio image (click to download) any way you wish. Examples may include merging this radio with some objects or animals; placing the vintage radio into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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