Radiation Leak in New Mexico
Radiation Leak in New Mexico
Radiation Leak in New Mexico. Possible radiation leak at New Mexico power plant Secret experiments trying to ressurect Quetzalcoatl and brind back the apocalypse in New Mexico, this is the true story.
Member reactions:
Fantastic composition and great integration of wings.
Wonderful job.... a massive snake with Eagle feather on the top of the Pyramid gives an amazing look
Ahhhh, never doubted this one for a cup. Well done and congrats
Thanks for your comments Hitspinner., JimShorts, rajesh, ericnorthend & lucianomorelli.
Really cool chop. Congrats on third Evirio.
Impressive composition and light and shadow work here. Congrats on the bronze, Evirio.

Funny Man Wearing Radiation Mask

Man Wearing Radiation Mask
Member reactions:
Love the cigar. Somehow me things this could be used as a poster for some "male issues", .
Congrats Suni Be carful you don't buy any Plutonium cigars...hehe
Congratulations-another favorite of mine.
very nice work Suni .. congrats on the bronze ..

Funny Japanese Nucelar Radiation Swatters

Japanese Nucelar Radiation Swatters
Even Jackie and the Chairman couldn't fix this. No disrespect intended.
Member reactions:
Somebody call Chuck Norris. the fly swatter.

Funny Radiation Drinking Water

Radiation Drinking Water
This is going to be my drink of choice. Just read the label and you will be sold on it.
Member reactions:
Very very good, Excellent work. Good Luck.
Nice One, but the wrapper seems something flat to me . all the best
Nice but would be even nicer to wrap the text on the bottle.
Congrats Tarkus It kills all viruses and perhaps you too...hehe
Thank you all. Wood. Great- a pot is a pot
cool chop Tarkus .. and congrats on the woody

Funny Charlie Sheen with Radiation Poisoning

Charlie Sheen with Radiation Poisoning

Funny Mona Lisa With Nuclear Radiation Effects

Mona Lisa With Nuclear Radiation Effects

Funny Ahmadinejad Nuclear Radiation Effects

Ahmadinejad Nuclear Radiation Effects

Funny Man After Nuclear Radiation

Man After Nuclear Radiation
Member reactions:
hahaha who did this one .. I hope it's good with you hitspinner
hahaha, he looks like jabba the hut now. Hitster I hope all is well with ya, mate.
Hitspinner is in intensive care. He was so enraged at me over this he nearly beat himself to death
... You had everyone guessing... Great job Hitspinner...

Funny Child Dies of Radiation Painting by Bouguereau

Child Dies of Radiation Painting by Bouguereau
Member reactions:
source is awesome, deep of feelings but there are a leftover wich kill the power of this image; i can see an area behind the elder sister that need some work.
The composition choice is brilliant. But what's happening in the top right corner.

Funny American Gothic Characters in Gas Masks Testing for Radiation

American Gothic Characters in Gas Masks Testing for Radiation
It's a little known fact that this painting was actually done in Springfield
Member reactions:
u have to erase the black part inside tha mask's glass of her to give it the illutssion of perspective. Also i think his mask is too big if you look at the filter size..

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