Rack Someone's Brain
Rack Someone's Brain
Rack Someone's Brain. Member reactions:
I like this idea,....I think there are going to be some pretty sweet entries in this contest.

Funny Gun rack

Gun rack
Member reactions:
"Keep honking, I'm reloading." Beautiful idea. The gun barrels are a little off-focus, tho. If you can sharpen those up, you'll score higher.
Oops. Had to read the title before I saw what was different. That's cool.
Subtle, and very nice but I agree that a tad of sharpening of the guns would be an improvement.
I like this. I know people who would want this option (I'm sitting in the room with two of them right now, .) Reminds me of an old 2002 I saw a guy driving one time - had a gun rack. Real redneck BMW.

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