One Wheeled Wheelchair Racer
One Wheeled Wheelchair Racer
One Wheeled Wheelchair Racer. Victory.
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Nice, but she'll have hard time holding the balance

Funny Unicycle Racer

Unicycle Racer
Don't blink.
Member reactions:
Looking good , just IMO I'd remove the slight blurring that's over his left knee.
very nice, great idea and very well done.
Nice dynamics to this image Trying to figure out what's that coming out of his rear end though.
Congrats LunaC, now tell me what that is behind him. a camera.
Golden Unicycle for Luna - congratulations.
Rainman---It's a mystery what's hanging off his arse. It was in the original image. Some sort of ditty bag or sumfin. Or I could tell you it's a tire repair kit--which could be crucial when you only have one wheel.
I thought it would be obvious ....its a gold cup carrier , congrats on a good win.
Congrat's on the win Luna, deserved gold.. Cheers Mandrak
Tire repair kit sounds like the best idea.
It is a spare tyre (a 'single') and a water bottle holder used by triathletes but appropriate for this design

Funny Jet Ski Racers

Jet Ski Racers

Funny Motorcycle Racers on a Winding Road

Motorcycle Racers on a Winding Road
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Nicely done, the colors of the bikes also fit to the background. Maybe the orange one is still a bit too sharp, or there's something wrong with the shadow, not sure. But I do feel sorry for those two, as they are about to crash into the side rail (they're turning right while the bend turns left.).
My favorite in this contest. Quality work

Funny Old NASCAR Racer

Old NASCAR Racer
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Methane Gas is what we use, where did you get Jet Fuel.

Funny NASCAR Senior Racers

NASCAR Senior Racers
Member reactions:
... This is too freaking funny... Look at Grandma & Grandpa burning rubber... Great job.
This is brilliance at its best. NASCAR old geezers
.. When I grow up, I want one. This is good quality work. One of the best in show.
AHAHAHA hilarious, you cant forget the seniors.

Funny Racers


Funny Sperm Nano Racer

Sperm Nano Racer
looks fun.
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Funny Racer Pavarotti

Racer Pavarotti
Luciano finds cultural sponsors scarce in his new chosen occupation.
Member reactions:
Whoa. This has a lot of choppin' done here. I like the work done on the car.
All the little extras really make this picture

Funny Saddam Daytona 500 Racer

Saddam Daytona 500 Racer

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