Queen and Pope
Queen and Pope
Queen and Pope.

Funny Dread Queen

Dread Queen

Funny Joker Queen Nicholson

Joker Queen Nicholson
Member reactions:
Unusual decision. Different from all. Like it.
Oh well But I have grown rather weary and uninspired probably of no one's fault but my own.

Funny Sir Queen Paul

Sir Queen Paul

Funny Queen Michel Caine

Queen Michel Caine

Funny Sitting Pretty Queen Trump

Sitting Pretty Queen Trump
Member reactions:
Great work ... What about making the hands smaller since he's known for having tiny ones . . . that would be a nice extra touch .
Beautiful idea. I'll see if I can get out of traffic in time to edit.
Great edit work, Hidden . . . LMFREAKINGAO
Hahaha....if things dont work out in the USA there is always a position for him in the UK
Gold Congrats, OllieR. A lot of good pictures.
Grats OllieR, he makes a perfect bitter old woman.
Excellent blend always a fun source. congrats Oliie
Thanks so much for the suggestion, Qtrmoonshop.
Thanks so much for the congrats, everybody. I'm excited for my first gold.
Holy cow, Abigail. Congrats on the gold. Great job
Congrats on your first Gold, OllieR . . . You're welcome, in regard to the suggestion . . . I really did have a sustained hearty laugh when I returned to see the edit. It was already great overall work, and you did a wonderful job with the editing.

Funny Queen G. Busey

Queen G. Busey
Member reactions:
Love the Busey. Nice job hobbit. The bee and his reaction are priceless
What an expression so unlady like hehehe well played hobbit

Funny Queen Oprah I

Queen Oprah I

Funny Long Live Queen Betty White

Long Live Queen Betty White

Funny Tzar-Queen Putin-Elizabeth II

Tzar-Queen Putin-Elizabeth II
Member reactions:
Really nice work, the reflection is a great touch.
The reflection gives this added unique quality, this is a case for that fifth cup.
A little blurry but extra points for the reflection. Top 5...

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