Star Wars in Quantum of Solace
Star Wars in Quantum of Solace
Star Wars in Quantum of Solace.

Funny Quantum of Solace in Winter

Quantum of Solace in Winter
Member reactions:
ha ha Good work on the snow floor like it

Funny Barack and Michelle Obama in Quantum of Solace

Barack and Michelle Obama in Quantum of Solace
Member reactions:
Love the concept, but I think the contrast level is too high here.
Thanks, pcrdds. Newsy, thanks too ^^ and I don't think there's too much contrast here, a matter of personal taste I think..
Congrats on the wood, Evirio. But don't get too carried away over-contrasting your chops

Funny Quantum of Vladimir Putin

Quantum of Vladimir Putin
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professionally blended. Love the posh vodka here and the Soviet earring (spy gadget.) in Putin's ear

Funny Quantum of Solace Traffic Lights

Quantum of Solace Traffic Lights
100% source pic
Member reactions:
Love it, especially how you created the whole thing from the source image only. Impressive.
Thx, NewsMaster . Full view shows even more the elements of the source image.
here, kana ;O) :
of course, the way of progress shows only +/- 20% of the work : there was 5 groups ( background, base, father, mother, son ) & more than 130 layers...( with brown, red,yellow & green colors, shadows, highlights, histogram, adjustments,..., ...)
Thx, krato . ;O) & ooops... : sorry for the 3 identical replies to kana : unintentional :O{
Arno, wins. First entry = first gold. Viva Belgium.
Congrats Arno... awesome entry... awesome win.
Congrats on the 1st Gold, Arno I see that you composed the sculpture entirely from the traffic light also = most excellent. Have a look, folks:
Thx all . Great thx, Rain : you have a professional analysis . (but I'm not surprised ;o)). My start idea was the red for the child who was ashamed ( for what . ), the green for the mother who forgives (have you seen that, with her finger, she shows her son to his father)and orange for the strong father, forgiving & SOLACing by wrapping his family in a sweeping gesture. Now, I shut my big mouth... and just (hard) chop
Congrats on the Gold Arno... Excellent entry...
congrats on the gold but you too , you must be fair at voting ... your karma is only 1 .. keep going
Congrats on the gold arno that was great work ,in the vote place between you and my little brother only (0.2)
I love you too, SOD : I voted of course for you too & I think my karma was "only 1" simply because I'm just a humble nubile young thing : after 6 DAYS on this friendly site, my karma is now 22 krato : Hamid, Renegade & Doxie1 : great thx .
SOD : ... and someone voted 4 ( an entry missing that extra 15 minutes of work or thought behind it )for a Jury-Pick. It's...euh... enLIGHTening . AMEN.
Bravo.. Arno, congrats on GOLD... looking forward to more of your excellent work

Funny Quantum of Solace with Ruler

Quantum of Solace with Ruler
Member reactions:
This is hilarious and very clever. I wanna see this geek movie.
2 Clever. = Clever (squared) Slide Rule.
Well done, I liked the thinking that went into this.

Funny Albert Einstein in Quantum of Physics

Albert Einstein in Quantum of Physics
There is only a fine line between genius and insanity.
Member reactions:
Congrats SidKain Very inventive and well done. Imagination is more important than knowledge. -- Albert Einstein
This is Kind of Scary Clean. I've looked around for quality images of Einstein, and they just can't be found. Here, You have brought him back to Life in away that almost makes it hard not to turn away. The Idea of a Man of Such Intelligence holding the 380 Auto strikes me a slightly chilling also in this scene You have Created. Men such as that will seldom hold one in such fashion only as a last resort. Your Composition is a Mini Novel in its own Right. Congratulations.
Congrats Sid, Nice rendition of Albert. It's hard to find hi-res photos of him. where did you find this one.
ty all for the comments the Einstein source is actually a Medium to High quality holiday snap of his Madam Tousords Wax Sculpture that I've sharpened and tweaked a bit color wise and removed a bit of the overkill "wax shine" etc, wax versions of historical figures are a great general last resort when a good res picture is, like Einstein, almost imposible to get
ty, mind ya'll dont go checking up on weather those are acurate atomic particles , i made them and added it last second after seeing 2 pictures of them, i believe my version of atomic particles are "outside the box particles"
Never would've thought this was a wax figure. Nice tweaking....I've also looked for color pics of einstein with little luck. I'll have to try this next time.

Funny Obama in Quantum of Speech

Obama in Quantum of Speech

Funny Quantum of Solace in Carnivale Movie

Quantum of Solace in Carnivale Movie
This time it's personal. Brother Justin hardcore \m/

Funny Daniel Craig in Quantum of Sparrows

Daniel Craig in Quantum of Sparrows

Funny Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace
Latest James Bond installment "Quantum of Solace" rules international box office. Just a week ago it opened it UK where it set a record for the biggest ticket receipts on the opening day. Past weekend the Quantum has smashed the Chinese box office records and became the biggest movie of the year. This Friday, James Bond's "Solace" comes to the US theaters where records are also expected to be beaten. Photoshop the latest James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace" any way you wish. Change actors, make sequels, merge it with other movies - these are just some ideas. Here's a good example by dosysod

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