Everything in the office remind him evening call to Putin
Everything in the office remind him evening call to Putin
Everything in the office remind him evening call to Putin. You've heard of the cat who looks like Hitler, now meet the dog that looks like President Putin
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Bronze, Wander. Very nice
Cool beans. That dog that looks like Putin is a legend. We had a contest based on it a while ago.
Thank you, NewsMaster, Jeremix and PitchInvader. See you next contests.

Funny Putin Red Ribbon Beer

Putin Red Ribbon Beer
While working on this image I came this recent news article by chance: Russian Brewer Buys Pabst Blue Ribbon - Sep. 19, 2014
Member reactions:
good finish.... like the English in Russian font well done
The Russian font is called KREMLIN. It only has capital letters and the "b" and the 'f" letters require revisions to read properly in English.
Impressive work. I'd bend the front circular logo to follow the can's shape (it looks flat otherwise)

Funny Obama And Putin Hug For Peace

Obama And Putin Hug For Peace
Member reactions:
Charming couple - from the Cold War to a hot relationship. Clean work, Hidden.
Cool chop. Sometimes ennemies are better than friends.

Funny demonic peace ,obama,isis,demon,putin.

demonic peace ,obama,isis,demon,putin.
Member reactions:
No disrespect, but what Bush has to do with ISIS.
There are no saints in paradise...Awesome chop hidden.
Bright, Bold, and Bizarre. Just the way we like it.. Congratulations on the Gold, Elegary.

Funny Putin Cholafied

Putin Cholafied
Member reactions:
The background, the hat, the war eyebrows and tattoo, the nail work and the lipop - what a showcase of brilliant work.
Thank you guys again Hitspinner, are you feeling alright.
That's quite a nice compliment NewsMaster. Thank you. I'm glad you liked it
ts420here and silver..... congratulations...
I'm okay, thanks for asking. I get a little melancholy around the 11th. It is a bit of a sacred time around here. Why do you ask.
Just wondering Hitspinner, you usually beat me is all Thank you again SplatShot

Funny putin is a nuclear monster 2014

putin is a nuclear monster 2014
putin is a nuclear monster mr. putin, if you see this, do not take it personally. I appreciate very much.
Member reactions:
Putler is not "SIR" and he has take it only personally.
I see Putin literally had a brain storm. Impressive work.
Out of the box..... All secrets are store in Putin's head and how to manage Mr.Putin of this big head...
Multiple eys in his brain keeps himself to explore all the necular secrets Great caricature done and the his face with brain looks awesome good use of necular elements in the pic
You should be consistent. If Obama is a cartoon, so should Putin be.
I liked it much better without Obama addition - the composition got cluttered now

Funny Putin the Clown

Putin the Clown
Member reactions:
Waiting for a letter that won't ever arrive.
Funny concept. Putin's face is a bit large for that head though

Funny obama and putin playing

obama and putin playing

Member reactions:
Excellent caricature. As often, some difficulties in understanding the meaning of the objects inserted.
I like big butts I can not lie, but when you put them on that guy.... uhh congrats.
Quality work, but I would do heads much smaller - they are excessively big for those bodies
I appreciate you toning down the overexposure/haze lately. I can't tell if you are washing out your mistakes when you do that. So this lowered exposure actually shows your skill involved. Congrats on the gold.
GOLD Congrats, Elegary. High quality art.

Funny Putin Rides Through Red Square

Putin Rides Through Red Square
Member reactions:
Excellent work, looks quite real too. Love the realistic heads and shadows. Obama cleaning up.
Yes it does look real. you matched the character of these two characters, perfectly..
I agree, shadows are perfect and everything matches correctly. Technically excellent.
Congratz, Doc. Funny Stuff...everyone I showed this to, loved Obama's pink shoe coverings.
Thanks, Bob, Splat(did it on purpose), hidreley, UncleChamp, G-Man and its420.

Funny New Putin's sport

New Putin's sport
Member reactions:
Very news-related. I could see this picture in any decent magazine article like
From a good one as lucianomorelli this doodie is not me 's expected. Malaysia MH17 flight was shot down by 'Ukrainian aviation sector.

Funny Let Putin Save Face

Let Putin Save Face
The latest round of sanctions against Russia, its political and economic isolation, has put a lot of strain on President Putin and it shows dramatically on his face. Although he tries to appear as "still a strong national leader", his rapidly aging face shows he's suffering from stress and insomnia, analysts say. He erratically recorded one of his urgent speeches to the nation at 2 am, with minimal preparations and makeup - something he's never done before - which again proves he's under a lot of distress and can't sleep at 2 am. Four plastic surgeons studying Putin's appearance in the last 6 months confirm his face goes through regular botox injections, and he's been using more makeup to hide the bags under his eyes and his sweating skin. Today we'll help Putin save face, by putting him through plastic surgery and/or makeup. Many thanks to Xray for the themepost.

Funny Reading Putin

Reading Putin
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Russian President Putin is under fire these days for his recent annexation of Ukraine's Crimea and Sevastopol. Though he tries to appear calm and confident in front of the cameras, his posture and face mimics usually say otherwise - Putin is under a lot of stress. The photo we present you today is from the 2012 APEC Summit held in Russia - when Putin was really calm and confident, and was treated with respect by other world leaders. Photoshop this photo of President Putin reading a document any way you wish. Photo credit: RIA NOVOSTI

Funny Putin's Press Conference

Putin's Press Conference
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of two Putin's press conference any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what surprises Putin may show during this press conference, what guests or journalists may ask Putin some questions, etc.

Funny Foreign Affairs: Obama & Putin

Foreign Affairs: Obama & Putin
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. After the recent tensions over Snowden, and then Syria, the foreign affairs between the US and Russia has hit the new low and descended into the state of mistrust and cold treatment. Are we heading to a new cold war? Photoshop this image of Obama and Putin any way you wish. Some examples are - turn this "state of confusion" into a happy affair between the presidents, use the photo in billboards and promotional posters. These are just some ideas.

Funny Obama & Putin at G20 Summit

Obama & Putin at G20 Summit
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of Obama and Putin at the G20 Summit in St.Petersburg, Russia, on September 6, 2013 any way you wish. Some examples are - show how things could go wrong between Obama and Putin on this summit, use the presidents in propaganda posters and movies, demotivational posters. These are just some ideas.

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