Vladimir Putin Macho Man
Vladimir Putin Macho Man
Vladimir Putin Macho Man. . Member reactions:
Pretty cool, Mr. Pu looks threatening here.

Funny Putin reading Obama's report card

Putin reading Obama's report card
Obama " How do you spell RESIGN. ". Member reactions:
Teacher is giving marks.. Awesome and hilarious.
Thanks guys, did this for the funny factor. Hope it worked :0)
Worked like a charm. Great to see you again, Gary.
I sent the typo correction, Let me know if that works, and thank you sir :0)

Funny Putin and the Death of Marat

Putin and the Death of Marat
"Oh Marat, you´ve been writing.. Let´s see what do we have here.". Member reactions:
Putin is reading the dad certificate of David.....
There is something here that people mast not know (KGB)
Nice one. You could have easily turned this into an OOB too

Funny Putin to Host SNL's Season Premiere

Putin to Host SNL's Season Premiere
"Funny thing happens to me on way to annexing of the East Europe...". Member reactions:
One of my favorites in the contest. Check out what the camera shows, .

Funny Putin Reading Under Map Of Ukraine

Putin Reading Under Map Of Ukraine
War Documents being read by Putin are keeping him up to speed on the escalating developments in the Ukraine.. Member reactions:
Drop shadow does not work in this case. After duplicating the chair as shadow, use the free transform, hold down Ctrl and Alt, then drag the top center square, to angle it. This will allow you to match the legs of the chair to the shadow and have shadow under the chair as well. Of course the floor will also have to be extended back enough that the chair will be on the floor.

Funny Putin the Pokey

Putin the Pokey
Putin & Obama.... Together forever.Well, for life at least. Member reactions:
Thanks Wanderer. Had a lot of laughs while chopping this one myself.
Great entry. Just one point, past days marks on the left should be written in perspective.
Hahahhah newsey. Perfect caption. Congrats on the cup, excellent work
Congrats on the Wood, Toledo. Awesome caricature work..

Funny putin and escher 2014

putin and escher 2014
. Member reactions:
Putin's face don't match at all with body.
Great imagination at work, and a delightfully entertaining image..
Great artwork, though I would not have guessed it has anything to do with Escher if I saw this image outside of this contest. However, you deserve a lot of credit for creating your own art based simply on Escher ideas without using his sources. Still would be nice to use some of his sources to help viewers realize connection to Escher
I agree with Newsmaster -- I don't see what that woman with the curvaceous body has to do with any of this. Does that garner higher votes for the cheesecake factor. You have skillz and ideas plenty, so something more on theme would be incredible. But you won. what more is there to say but CONGRATS..
, thank you very much doc.thank you very much msgtbob and icialleyecan
Great first cup. Congrats. I can see thematic references You could be a bit more blatant, that seems to be what is needed and wanted. It is a great chop. By the way, not all chops have to deal with a political figure or celebrity, young master, though I know we do a lot of political/celeb themes. Some choppers tend to chop within a limited number of recognizable sources but that is preference, not a rule.
I totally agree with Hitspinner. It seems that virtually all your chops have Obama or Putin in it, which gets a bit repetitive. It's fine to use Obama for instance but not as a rule - some themes he just does not fit easily and may even be confusing to viewers
I recognize the twins, but from what. I don't know. It's driving me nuts.

Funny obama and putin

 obama and putin
. Member reactions:
thank you , geriatric
Obama girl is done brilliantly here. Would be nice to match the skin tones of the Putin's face and his arms. Great job overall.
Great chop. Putin's face seems to be just glued un the body. No neck, no shadows,
Congratulations on another Gold, Elegary..
thank everyone for their comments and votes, Friends
faaaaantastic job, very well done great



Funny putin in a surreal tree

putin in a surreal tree
sources. Member reactions:
Very, impressive, Hidden. Lots of Russian symbolism here - from a bear to AK-47 to Russian vodka to the hammer and sickle.
Excellent chop but shouldn't the eye be higher up as an indication of the eye in the sky always vigilant always watching. Just a question.
very nice and genius concept . Cool details
Newsy you forgot to mention Putin Well I like the color theme and the way he is sitting on the Eyed tree with those tools. Amazing idea and very cleaver work
thanks Armatien, geriatric, sulliishere and eric.
Magnific representation of russian power, sadness and solitude.
Powerful image, especially like how you worked the rope.
Great Surrealistic Idea. The background treatment really makes it pop.
Congrats on the gold jeremix ,stunning chop
Congratulations Jeremix. Long time away from FN-eh.
Thanks alot guys. geriatric...i'm always lurking, but i finally felt like making something again. It's hard without cigs..
Congrats,Jeremix. Congrats,Jeremix. Excellent surrealist style picture.
Congrats buddy...100% fantastic chop...perfect merge and fantastic imagination.
Well well well, you certainly have been AWOL haha. Nice to see you back and great comeback. Congrats on the gold
Sorry for the late comment..just seeing this now. FANTASTIC work. Adding to my faves.

Funny Reading Putin

Reading Putin
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Russian President Putin is under fire these days for his recent annexation of Ukraine's Crimea and Sevastopol. Though he tries to appear calm and confident in front of the cameras, his posture and face mimics usually say otherwise - Putin is under a lot of stress. The photo we present you today is from the 2012 APEC Summit held in Russia - when Putin was really calm and confident, and was treated with respect by other world leaders. Photoshop this photo of President Putin reading a document any way you wish. Photo credit: RIA NOVOSTI

Funny Putin's Press Conference

Putin's Press Conference
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of two Putin's press conference any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what surprises Putin may show during this press conference, what guests or journalists may ask Putin some questions, etc.

Funny Foreign Affairs: Obama & Putin

Foreign Affairs: Obama & Putin
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. After the recent tensions over Snowden, and then Syria, the foreign affairs between the US and Russia has hit the new low and descended into the state of mistrust and cold treatment. Are we heading to a new cold war? Photoshop this image of Obama and Putin any way you wish. Some examples are - turn this "state of confusion" into a happy affair between the presidents, use the photo in billboards and promotional posters. These are just some ideas.

Funny Obama & Putin at G20 Summit

Obama & Putin at G20 Summit
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of Obama and Putin at the G20 Summit in St.Petersburg, Russia, on September 6, 2013 any way you wish. Some examples are - show how things could go wrong between Obama and Putin on this summit, use the presidents in propaganda posters and movies, demotivational posters. These are just some ideas.

Funny Putin's Next Wife

Putin's Next Wife
Russia's President Putin announced that he has divorced his wife, Lyudmila Putina, on the state TV channel. This comes as a shock to most Russians because the last time a Russia's leader divorced his wife was 400 years ago (Peter I). Putin claimed that he and Lyudmila "have drifted apart and had been living their own separate lives for a while because Lyudmila couldn't stand being in public". This divorce makes Putin #1 eligible bachelor in Russia, and opens a vacancy for a Russia's first lady. Russian media speculates that, even if Putin and his (ex) wife have drifted apart, there's no real reason for the divorce, except if Putin wants to marry another woman. Putin may also want to have a baby with his new wife, preferably a son, since he has two daughters from his first marriage. If these speculations are true, the whole world will soon know who this future Mrs. Putin is. Photoshop who you think may (or may not) be the Putin's next wife. (Any wedding photos or family photos make great entries.)

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