Putin has changed the prison in The Hague to the cell in Russia
Putin has changed the prison in The Hague to the cell in Russia
Putin has changed the prison in The Hague to the cell in Russia . President Putin withdraws Russia from the International Criminal Court
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Putin has changed the civilized prison in The Hague to the cell in Russia. Kremlin bomond (all Crimes against humanity) in the cell with Putin: Minister of Defence - Sergey Shoygu, Foreign Minister of Russia - Sergey Lavrov, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation - Maria Zaharova, Pime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev
Ohhh and a 3-fer. The chop Gods have favored you. Against all odds. Holy cow. Super congrats..
Thank you, Luciano, Hobbit and Hitspinner.

Funny Putin congratulates all scouts involved in presidential election

Putin congratulates all scouts involved in presidential election
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Ha.. I love the red-nosed Past-Pres'dent and the red-cheeked Pres'a'Lect. And Hill seems to being enjoying hu'self
Should Putin be happy if he has Monica's cigar from Billy.
Colonel Trump for the successful fulfillment of tasks assigned to an extraordinary title. Major Clinton reprimand.

Funny Putin's vote

Putin's vote
Vladimir Putin rejects claims of Russia interfering in U.S. election
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Congrats on the silver Andrew Funny stuff

Funny Putin's 64 Birthday. New i-Phone from Obama.

Putin's 64 Birthday. New i-Phone from Obama.
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Infinite collection of VIPS. The only sure phone is on the table.
Excellent work, though the heads may use slight color adjustments to blend better (the ones that are in the colder colors at least)

Funny Putin-Elizabeth II

Putin-Elizabeth II
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I suppose she's blind, with that severe case of strabismus exotropia.

Funny Putin as Thor

Putin as Thor
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Congrats on the twofer jeremix,incredible work
Congrats on the 2fer, Jere. Fooled Me. I had no idea this was yours.
A twofer.~Nice merge and composition. Congrats on the silver

Funny Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Funny Putin found and arrested doping user

Putin found and arrested doping user
Putin said he will give "every assistance" to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)
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The whole Russian Olympic team can be disqualified now because of the scandal. That would be tagged as a political sanction move, so I don't think the Olympic committee will have the guts to do it

Funny Putin's promoted concert for Obama in Palmyra, Syria

Putin's promoted concert for Obama in Palmyra, Syria
This is about more than just music.
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Great work ... That looks like what i've seen in TV in more funny
Well Done Wanderer. Congrats on the Bronze.
Congrats Andrew. Very Creative Assemblage.
congrats Wanderer. another great pic well done
congrats Wanderer. another great pic well done

Funny Putin


Funny Putin & Obama at UN General Assembly

Putin & Obama at UN General Assembly
Despite the Russia's political isolation, Vladimir Putin was invited to the United Nations General Assembly this Monday, where he met with Barack Obama for about 1.5 hours. They discussed the Syrian conflict, but came out empty-handed. After the meeting Obama came out cold-faced, while Putin tried to stay positive and said that "there's still a chance to work on the issue together". On today's stock photo you see the two presidents walking in for a photo opportunity, which was the shortest POTUS photo op ever - walk in, shake hands, walk out, timed at 13 seconds. Photoshop this photo of Putin and Obama at the UN General Assembly any way you wish.

Funny Putin's Publicity Stunts

Putin's Publicity Stunts
Russia's President Vladimir Putin did another publicity stunt to remind of his "action man" status and amuse the public on the national television - this time he descended to the bottom of the Baltic Sea aboard a red submersible. And, whoa, it just happens that he found the 19th-century shipwreck with amphoraes and relics. The previous publicity stunt of the "action man" include - riding Harleys with biker gangs, finding and bringing ancient amphoraes from the sea bottom, stopping forest fires from the plane, and flying with the cranes. Show what next publicity stunt Putin may have in mind. Many thanks to lucianomorelli for the themepost.

Funny Where is Putin?

Where is Putin?
Russian president Vladimir Putin has been missing from the public eye for over a week. His scheduled meetings and public appearances have all been canceled. Such long absence of Russia's leader never happened before (since he assumed office in 2000) and sparked numerous rumors about his health. Kremlin's reply? "Everything is fine. His handshake is strong enough to break hands, and he's been extremely busy working on solving the Russia's economic crisis. He has numerous meetings, but they are not public.", Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Let us show where or how Putin has been hiding.

Funny Putin, Hollande, and Merkel

Putin, Hollande, and Merkel
Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Francois Hollande sat down with Russia's Vladimir Putin this Friday to try and craft a peaceful solution to the Ukraine crisis. Not only the situation over Ukraine is hurting Russia-West relationship, it also splits Europe from the US, since Europe is taking a soft stand while America is pressing for firmer actions against Russia to force Putin to stop supporting Ukrainian rebels and return Crimea to Ukraine. The result of the talks so far? Merkel and Hollande returned back Saturday empty-handed. We don't have decent photos from this meeting, so instead we ask you to photoshop this photo (any way you wish) taken in 2013, on G20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, when they were still on good terms, and the war in Ukraine was not yet in the cards. Image credit: Agence France-Presse.

Funny Let Putin Save Face

Let Putin Save Face
The latest round of sanctions against Russia, its political and economic isolation, has put a lot of strain on President Putin and it shows dramatically on his face. Although he tries to appear as "still a strong national leader", his rapidly aging face shows he's suffering from stress and insomnia, analysts say. He erratically recorded one of his urgent speeches to the nation at 2 am, with minimal preparations and makeup - something he's never done before - which again proves he's under a lot of distress and can't sleep at 2 am. Four plastic surgeons studying Putin's appearance in the last 6 months confirm his face goes through regular botox injections, and he's been using more makeup to hide the bags under his eyes and his sweating skin. Today we'll help Putin save face, by putting him through plastic surgery and/or makeup. Many thanks to Xray for the themepost.

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