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Funny Purple Pictures

Tommy Lee Jones with Purple HairFunny Tommy Lee Jones with Purple Hair
Member reactions:

Pcr thanks a lot, Renegade you are right, we are or we will become...

Purple Haired Woman by CandlelightFunny Purple Haired Woman by Candlelight
Member reactions:

recognizable from 1000 . Another fantastic job.
Many thanks Geri, Blooddiamond, Goat, Rajestar, Kellie, Diamonds..
Unmistakeable wonder, excellent work . . . I'm sorry, but one critique: The candles appear more to be coming out of the floor, than sitting on it . . . then again, that may be intentional . . . jmo
Congratulations on the silver, consistently of high quality are your chops my dear . . .
Congrads, sunshine brings pictures to life.
Thanks a lot Chili, DD, Hohouse and sorry Qtrmoonshop didn't have time to fix it... appreciate your comments.
Congrats Sunshin3. Great pic. I like your style. The lighting, color & contrast are all great.
Geri, LunaC, KeepitReal, Robin thank you...I am very honored.

Strange Purple FlamingoFunny Strange Purple Flamingo
Member reactions:

, creative job excellent concept like it
Beautiful and creative, congrats on the cup
Many thanks Kellie, JoaoN,JimShorts, balodiva, geriatric, rajestar, GabiB, pcrdds, BeerSlayer, PixJockey and Sunshin .
congrats boulpix.... a great bronze... very deserve

Purple Woman HidingFunny Purple Woman Hiding
Member reactions:

Hide Me

Pink Girl Vs Purple GirlFunny Pink Girl Vs Purple Girl
Member reactions:

Manga Doll with Purple HairFunny Manga Doll with Purple Hair
Member reactions:

You made a bigger beauty out of a beauty. Me likes.
I like the manga/doll look, color u chose for hair is perfect

Purple LustFunny Purple Lust
Member reactions:

She reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. Quality work.
me that true.. i knew now how vote the (9 grade)... hahaha

Purple FairiesFunny Purple Fairies
Member reactions:

Purple Woman with a MirrorFunny Purple Woman with a Mirror
Member reactions:

Another Time
Great work as always. The monochromatic tac is risky but works well here.

Snoop Purple Kush PerfumeFunny Snoop Purple Kush Perfume
Member reactions:

where could i get some of that "purple kush".

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