Purple Flamingo
Purple Flamingo
Purple Flamingo. Prince Purple Flamingo
Member reactions:
Excellent composition, though the Prince and flamingo sources are a bit low-res

Funny Tommy Lee Jones with Purple Hair

Tommy Lee Jones with Purple Hair
Member reactions:
Pcr thanks a lot, Renegade you are right, we are or we will become...

Funny Purple Haired Woman by Candlelight

Purple Haired Woman by Candlelight
Member reactions:
recognizable from 1000 . Another fantastic job.
Many thanks Geri, Blooddiamond, Goat, Rajestar, Kellie, Diamonds..
Unmistakeable wonder, excellent work . . . I'm sorry, but one critique: The candles appear more to be coming out of the floor, than sitting on it . . . then again, that may be intentional . . . jmo
Congratulations on the silver, consistently of high quality are your chops my dear . . .
Congrads, sunshine brings pictures to life.
Thanks a lot Chili, DD, Hohouse and sorry Qtrmoonshop didn't have time to fix it... appreciate your comments.
Congrats Sunshin3. Great pic. I like your style. The lighting, color & contrast are all great.
Geri, LunaC, KeepitReal, Robin thank you...I am very honored.

Funny Strange Purple Flamingo

Strange Purple Flamingo
Member reactions:
Beautiful and creative, congrats on the cup
Many thanks Kellie, JoaoN,JimShorts, balodiva, geriatric, rajestar, GabiB, pcrdds, BeerSlayer, PixJockey and Sunshin .

Funny Purple Woman Hiding

Purple Woman Hiding
Hide Me

Funny Pink Girl Vs Purple Girl

Pink Girl Vs Purple Girl

Funny Manga Doll with Purple Hair

Manga Doll with Purple Hair
Member reactions:
You made a bigger beauty out of a beauty. Me likes.
I like the manga/doll look, color u chose for hair is perfect

Funny Purple Lust

Purple Lust
Member reactions:
She reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. Quality work.

Funny Purple Fairies

Purple Fairies

Funny Purple Woman with a Mirror

Purple Woman with a Mirror
Another Time
Member reactions:
Great work as always. The monochromatic tac is risky but works well here.

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