Girl and Pup
Girl and Pup
Girl and Pup. A girl and her pup...
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Caption: They will not suspect a thing. Just stand very still, and act natural.
Very nicely placed both together, pup may need some shadows. This is like beautiful girls adventures story with little friend

Funny Pooped Pup

Pooped Pup
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Without the source(s), this is difficult to judge.
FYI The Original painting is Andrew Wyeth's Master Bedroom.
clever putting "Christina's World" one Andrew Wyeth's more famous art works---into your chop nicely done...
Quality work, but why the small image size.

Funny Pups Advert

Pups Advert
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Awwwwww hahahhaahaha Specializing in rear deliveries too. I live puppy chops
Congrats Doxieone Low cost, requires only praise...
Congrats Doxie. Another trophy. Nice work and keep chopping.
Thank you for your comments, Hit, AZ and KBee..
doxieone this was my favorite in the contest nice work ,,congrats
Ahhh good, I was hoping this chop would do well.. so cute. Much congrads on the Brawnz.
preemie: THANKS.. I appreciate all the good vibes coming my way today for this.
Smart work. And I am a big fan (and long time user) of UPS.

Funny Coffee Pup

Coffee Pup

Funny i pup

i pup

Funny Pup way

Pup way
Guess they could replace Jared with Benji. Full view is, well, bigger.

Funny Lucky Pups

Lucky Pups
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Smoke up, Fido.
This is freaking brilliant. I died laughing.
The pose is beautiful. Would have been better with a sharper source pic, but they can be hard to find.
You've got to see this one.
gd stuff.

Funny Pup Wedding

Pup Wedding
Bride of Dogula

Funny Pit-bull Elephant Pup

Pit-bull Elephant Pup
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Somebody missed the elephant contest Cool creature.

Funny Pup Fiction

Pup Fiction
Please forgive me Uma. . .

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