Punk Trump
Punk Trump
Punk Trump. Punk Trump

Funny Steam Punk model

Steam Punk model
most of the images used. http://imgur.com/a/Qoyzn
Member reactions:
Definitely a First Class Chop,got me 20 karma vote
Congratulations, Vicspa. Nicely done. I Have a folder with the same sources

Funny Punk


Funny Go ahead punk make my day

Go ahead punk make my day

Funny Russian Punk

Russian Punk
Member reactions:
Great cartoon of Putin hahahahahahahah....

Funny Trump Punks

Trump Punks
Trump Punks

Funny Hillary Clinton's Steam Punk Making Hobby

Hillary Clinton's Steam Punk Making Hobby
Wait until Bill sees what she has done to his saxophone.
Member reactions:
Congrats Nanny. Nicely put together. Wood for your mantle

Funny Raphael's Punk Lady With A Tablet

Raphael's Punk Lady With A Tablet
Member reactions:
This is awesome Both the images looks great
Way to go, Girl... Cleverly done chop. Congrats on the gold.. .
Super Image, Hobbit. Congrats on the win.
Congrats on the gold, Hobbit. Great modernization

Funny Punk Groundhogs

Punk Groundhogs
Because they rule
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Funny Steam Punk Space Man

Steam Punk Space Man
Member reactions:
With FreakingNews flag you will get +1 in your votes ^^
Love the background and light work,very gently placed him and crisp chop
awesome hov. the jetpack, background and the reflection is awesome
Love the jetpack and the reflection of the flagpole in the water. Congrats on silver.
Hah, great use of the muffler, Excellent chop. Congrats
congratulations . With a Freaking News flag you would have won ^^ hehehe

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