Punishment Day at the kennel
Punishment Day at the kennel
Punishment Day at the kennel.


Must come out and recite the Constitution to the American people once a day for ignoring it
Member reactions:
Clever idea and use of the source image ... well done.
It took me a while to find the source....great idea.
, It won.. This one was so far out of the box I really wondered. Many thanks Nanny, Lucianno, Balodiya, Eric, GRM, Newsey and Evirio
Tim, you got 101st gold on your 60th birthday. HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY... Here's to health, prosperity, and art in your life, for many years to come.
Happy 60th "Old Man" hehe, and congratulations for the GOLD.
And this would be one time I wouldn't mind hearing him. Fantastic chop, love it, and I see it's your B-day so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....
And a fine birthday present it is, too. Thank you Hobbit -->{true}, Champ, thanks, Thanks Newsey, Alias and Evirio many thanks as well. 3/5ths of a century, doesn't sound so bad that way
Congrats on the Gold and your Birthday - celebrate.
Congrats and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Half life is behind and second half in the action. Best wishes and give us chance sometimes to win (just kidding).
Thanks Bob, Elegary and Wanderer. Wanderer you are entirely entitled to be a little peeved. You pour a lot of blood sweat and tears into your chops and it really shows. I just do my best amd frankly the last two entries were just standard, fast, simple chops. No super modifications to character, no super effects. That is about as easy as I can make it other than simply not entering. I have already adopted the policy of only submitting one entry per contest unless it is a swap fest sort of contest or a speed contest My mission is to blow you away, entertain the dickens out of you and with that mission intention, I am going to win a few cups and probably hurt some feelings in doing so. But just to be clear, there was a time when I only won a cup once in every ten times so I know the frustration. You can count on this, I will always try to push the bar higher and higher, for myself and for you
Dear Hitspinner, I like your art a lot. You can see most of your pictures are in my fav's. See you in the following contests. For me place is not important. I think we have to create as many good picture as we can. We all are winners if we can see excellent picture at Freaking News.
Thank you guys so much. And thanks for the special message Wanderer

Funny Mel Gibson's Punishment

Mel Gibson's Punishment

Funny Bed Punishment?

Bed Punishment?
Member reactions:
...now this the Meert I know (not personally I must add)
Atop: Michael Moore Awash: George Soros Punishment, proper. )
great idea. Should have placed higher imo.

Funny Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment
The American people finally decided to build the largest prison ever and capture most of the crooks at the same time.
Member reactions:
Yes, but the program is tough. You must listen to Hillary speeches 8 hours a day for a week to make sure you do not enter politics ever again.
I agree with this they need to stay behind bars.

Funny Punishment for Smoking

Punishment for Smoking

Funny Hacker Punishment

Hacker Punishment
Member reactions:
That's him, all right. Punishment enough just making him write without a keyboard, and making him spell things correctly.
Yes Mrs. Krabappel, I will fill up all the blackboards . . .
"...but I will shut down all minor ones."

Funny Punishment By Numbers

Punishment By Numbers
Member reactions:
Lol, my kids love painting by numbers, do you have a unfinished version for them.
Cool chop, Meert.

Funny Acrobat Punishment

Acrobat Punishment
Member reactions:
Fair work, but why is the acrobat vertically stretched.

Funny Pillory Punishment

Pillory Punishment
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this pillory punishment image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - changing the prisoner for some celebrity or politician, making this prisoner perform some stunts, designing a poster with this pillory punishment man, putting the prisoner or a pillory into some new environment, advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to RealMeert for providing the source photo. That's him locked in the pillory, so feel free to do with him whatever you want.

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