Hannibal Lecter the Puma
Hannibal Lecter the Puma
Hannibal Lecter the Puma. Member reactions:
nice color mix and great finish with well illuminated lights
Really thought this was going to be a winner.
Thanks Steve, Rajesh, Luciano and Hobbit. Me too Hobbit. I thought technically it was a top finisher as lots of skills and effects employed that took a lot more time than it looks. But, can't win them all It was a good field this time

Funny Puma Addidas Sneakers

Puma Addidas Sneakers
Member reactions:
This is real, you can get this on e-bay

Funny Puma in a Mask

Puma in a Mask
Member reactions:
Is that Bajoran jewelry under the ear (Star Trek DS9 reference). Full version looks good.
nice composition, except you cut off the tail.

Funny Puma Coronas

Puma Coronas
Inspired by Goldfish Stillettos. Now with lime.
Member reactions:
I actually HAD a pair of goldfish shoes. But they didn't like getting shook-up.
I have visions of the person trying to undo the shoe to get at the drink and falling over....

Funny Puma Girl

Puma Girl
was just messing around and doing some blending practice Original
Member reactions:
thanks for the feedback I like to get some so I can learn how to do nice blending and things

Funny Puma mountain

Puma mountain
This image appeared on a mountain in California recently

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