Rabbit Pulling Houdini from a Hat
Rabbit Pulling Houdini from a Hat
Rabbit Pulling Houdini from a Hat. Member reactions:
Great work, but this was a colorization contest. It's disappointing when entries don't follow the specs, ruins it for everyone. This will probably win, but it will cost the site and other players.
Sorry you feel that way Icy. But I followed the rules of the contest. I colorized a b&w photo of HH as part of my entry. The rules did not preclude one from going beyond that. Others did the same by the way.
I have to agree with both Manosart and IcyAllEyeCan. Great work indeed, but out of contest rules. It clearly states: "To pay tribute to Harry, Take Any B&W Image of Harry Houdini and Colorize It." That's it. It doen't say "Photoshop Harry Houdini any way you wish". For me the emphasis on 'Colorize It' is clear.
You would have to disqualify half of the entries in this contest. I (and lots of others) didn’t violate the instructions. We followed them to a T.
Hidden is right, the instructions say colorize any "Image" of Harry, intentionally leaving it open to composite. Probably should have been more specific in hindsight.
By the way, Hidden, this is a fabulous Houdini tribute.
Thanks for the clarification, I really was not trying to cause controversy here.
I have to agree with Icy, if you have been doing this a while you know that colorize a B/W image means just that, and nothing else.
This is Harry Houdini's first tribute done on FN and I decided to change it up a little. As a fan of Harry I wanted see what members would do with him but also to colorize it. I just didn't make the instructions clear enough, but wasn't expecting this uproar either.
Again, sorry to cause controversy, but people are inferring “unwritten rules.” I agree that entries need to follow the instructions and the site guidelines. (Which this entry does). Beyond that, creative interpretation should be allowed. In other words, everything is legal that is not against the law.
this is beautiful altho I would have liked to see more of Houdini
Love the concept congrats LunaC. Because of previous colourising competitions of Black and white images. I also restricted myself to that. If I'd known I would have been more creative.
Congrats on a Well Deserved Win, Darn good one...
Excellent chop, thought Hitspinner was back,this one is one of your finest. Congrads
Congrats on the gold and a sweet chop, LunaC. Sorry your post got hijacked.

Funny Cruz and Rubio Pulling Donald Trump in a Coach

Cruz and Rubio Pulling Donald Trump in a Coach
Donald Trump Wins, Wins, Wins in Nevada

Funny Clown Pulling a Rabbit out of a Hat

Clown Pulling a Rabbit out of a Hat
Member reactions:
A magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. What is distressing you, Lu. An explanation of your comment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Great as always splat,congrats on the silver
This is probably the most disappointing contest I've ever participated in, here at FreakingNews. I work hard to make my image good and keep the masking edges clean. All I can do right now is shake my frick'n head.
Thanks Debbie, your comments are very much appreciated. ☺
Congrats on the Silver (don't be disappointed, you got an eight from me).
Your work is always flawless Splat.I get what you mean about the edges,yours were immaculate.Try not to be disappointed,at least your not me.Mine was at 4th all day,and I ended up at 5th again.I try really hard,but I just don't seem to get there.Its frustrating cause I'm happy with a wood.Its upsetting and depressing,but it is what it is.I noticed no one votes anymore.There is 30 entries,but only 10 voters.Some with. 1 karma,so basically 8 voters.Cheer up Splat,you are a chop hero to me
Wonderful Job.. You know how these things go, at best a crap-shoot when there are others close in quality. I would have voted but did the hospital thing yesterday and fighting pneumonia. I managed to make a simple chop and passed out from the codeine . Glad I didn't enter this one, don't think I could have beaten yours or K9 . Congrats
I hope you get better soon Hits,I'm sorry your sick.I had double pneumonia and it was a b#tch.I noticed you didn't enter,I was worried about you.Glad you are ok.Get well soon,I miss your freakish mastery
Thank you Debbie, it's good to hear someone understands what I'm saying. The forum is probably a more proper place to address this issue though. So I'll just let it drop for now. Keep up the hard work, it's paying off. I've noticed a huge improvement in skill. And your style is also catching on in favor. They kinda go hand in hand like that. So stick with it and always shoot for the Gold. I kinda like being a hero. Thanks, Debbie.
Thank you Bob, Andrew, and Paul.
Thanks, Tim. I hope your feeling better and continue to improve. I have few friends here battling severe colds and bronchitis. It's a bad one, and just keeps holding on. Thanks again and hang tough, mate.
Congrats on the silver, Splat. It's like Alice in Winderland turned freaky. You know how to make a show.
Hugs, Andwhat. TY Yep SS, 'tis the season. I hope you feel better too. This thing came out of nowhere and dropped me. I'd never go to the hospital otherwise. By the way, you captured "Freakshow" and the spirit of it with sublime perfection in this chop. I meant to mention that last night but was a bit ding-batty.
Thanks Tim. Super Compliment. and tanks for the fave Thanks, Vlad. Thanks Martijn.
Thanks, Karar (K9). Double Gold, Great Idea. Double the voters and comments too, and we'd be in high cotton then. Not sure what the high cotton will do for us, but it sounds cool I hope you realize my disgruntlement is in no-way directed at you. You have a wonderfully creative and inspiring image. I immediately did research on 'how to create a cyborg' the moment I saw it. I just love it. Keep up the great work my friend.

Funny Little Girl in a Bee Car Pulling Hillary Clinton

Little Girl in a Bee Car Pulling Hillary Clinton
Member reactions:
I really like this. The movement feels very authentic.

Funny John Kerry Trying to Pull Bashar Assad Out of Syria

John Kerry Trying to Pull Bashar Assad Out of Syria
Bashar al-assad out
Member reactions:
I would lose the knife in the forehead. Cool work otherwise
Raven is trying to take that knife out and the concept of keeping Bashar out tells some hidden stories good work over all well done
Congrats, Elegary . My favorite picture in the contest.
Graphic hahahahah. Great job Elegary. Congrats

Funny Man Pulling a Loch Ness Monster

Man Pulling a Loch Ness Monster
Member reactions:

Funny Child Police Officer Pulling Over George Bush

Child Police Officer Pulling Over George Bush

Funny Jeff Bridges Magician Pulling Goldie Hawn Out of a Hat

Jeff Bridges Magician Pulling Goldie Hawn Out of a Hat
Member reactions:
Decent work, though I wish he was more recognizable here
Congratulations HoHouse.. Great Job Colors..

Funny The Queen Pulls Out a Gun on Angelina Jolie

The Queen Pulls Out a Gun on Angelina Jolie
Enticed to Buckingham Palace under false pretences, Angelina Jolie has been taken hostage and forced to listen to Bagpipe music. Asked why, the Queen stated simply, "The rent on this place alone is a bitch." We need the money. According to sources close to the Palace, the Queen may accept the ransom being paid in dog food.
Member reactions:
Funny but you shouldn't use same images(dogs)
, must not like her movies hahahah Nice one

Funny Robot Pulling Off His Skin

Robot Pulling Off His Skin

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