Pug Dog Snowboarding
Pug Dog Snowboarding
Pug Dog Snowboarding. The snowboarder is ready to play.
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Thank you.. I apreciate your comments and votes

Funny Michael Jackson the Pug

Michael Jackson the Pug
pug mouth on the king of Pop

Funny Pug Dog Going To A Luau

Pug Dog Going To A Luau
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Im just glad Im in the sunshine
Congratulation pcrdds fantastic work ... Its funny we both did smooch face doggies ...
Thanks, everyone. Great minds think alike, Pree. .
Paradise life. This dawg has some style - he takes everything from life, . I see two famous faces too Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. Yeah, no matter what I do to try and keep them away, pree and D-Man keep showing up.

Funny Pug Bird

Pug Bird
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If you could sharpen even the body would be very nice
How cute. That little tongue, steals the show.
lucianomorelli, Thanks. Perhaps this is better. And thanks everyone.
The Chubby Puppy likes to lick your tongue Its very cute
Nice Mug Shot Gumster. His stare really catches your attention. Not to mention his tongue. WoOt, WoOt front row... Congratulations on the cup.
isthat a meracle or a fotoshop techneque.

Funny Lying in the Grass with my Pug Digital Art

Lying in the Grass with my Pug Digital Art
On a nice day, when you have some time, this is a lovely way to spend it.
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Thank you for your comments, balodiya and NewsMaster. I appreciate them.

Funny Pug Dog in an Empty Boat

Pug Dog in an Empty Boat
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Unbelievable invisible act done here great to make her invisible and still the boat looks empty good work done here

Funny Happy Pug

Happy Pug

Funny Pug Upside Down

Pug Upside Down

Funny Puffer fish Pug Dog Doing Yoga

Puffer fish Pug Dog Doing Yoga
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....vewy vewy weird
Excellent work. Should have placed much higher

Funny Pug Dinosaur Dog

Pug Dinosaur Dog

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