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Funny Pub Pictures

Sting Drinking in a PubFunny Sting Drinking in a Pub
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I'll drink to that.
I love this a lot ... I just wish there was a little effort put into making his face look like the texture of the painting, because then it would be CLASSIC.

George Bush and Sarah Palin in Mexican Irish PubFunny George Bush and Sarah Palin in Mexican Irish Pub
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Pub background from Deviant Art Nasg85 Sources
This is funny and well done. Extra point for humor...
El Gringo goes Irish. Hilarious work. Live the Irish doggie, .

Starbucks PubFunny Starbucks Pub
Member reactions:

Great play on the the brand name - bucks here, .
Congrats Rainman.. No one Can do a Better Beer Ad than Homer .
Love the Airbrush look... It's like out of Frank Copala's One From the Heart. Superb AZ
Congrats on the silver Rainman. Great chop

The Prince at The PubFunny The Prince at The Pub
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Palin PubFunny Palin Pub
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KGB Pub LunchFunny KGB Pub Lunch
Member reactions:

"There you are, luv, and don't forget to try our hot sauce."

The Pub PaintingFunny The Pub Painting
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Bat Boy Pub CrawlFunny Bat Boy Pub Crawl
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I used to live at the Jersey shore, thank god I never had that hair.

Britney Spears in PubFunny Britney Spears in Pub
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The fans are still expecting the former princess to make a comeback and be a singer and model they always loved.
Quality work, but where's your light reflection on Britney.
She's crazy indeed, but the masking of her clothes could be a bit sharper.

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