Psycho Christmas
Psycho Christmas
Psycho Christmas. Come in for a nice hot shower
Member reactions:
, great idea, awesome job stringing the lights.

Funny Psycho

Member reactions:
Thank you, Hobbit, Bob, OldschoolWillie and Hitspinner.

Funny Cat Psycho Movie

Cat Psycho Movie
Member reactions:
Super cool idea. I would have done some reflection as well on , Puss's eye of psycho...
Classic. Nice edit with the reflection too

Funny American Psycho Minimalist Movie Poster

American Psycho Minimalist Movie Poster

Funny Psycho Minimalist Movie Poster

Psycho Minimalist Movie Poster

Funny Psycho Movie Minimalist Poster

Psycho Movie Minimalist Poster
What is black and white and red all over. Going 'round the bend ...
Member reactions:
This is great, though not really minimalist style
Awesome.... like the shadow and the blood stains

Funny Psycho Justin Bieber

Psycho Justin Bieber
Member reactions:
Like his face mask concept... a Psychological thriller guy with a mission in his mind its just the beginning well done
Very disturbing piece but taken within the context of the focus of this contest, its theme completes a full circle on a comprehensive conceptual level. The kind of meteoric rise to fame that Bieber has experienced would seriously destabilize most mere mortals which is why mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse is so monumentally ubiquitous for so many of those "comets" in the performing arts. Your composition is a reminder of that fact.
Killer chop, Jim. Congrats on the bronze.
Thanks you so much master Hitspinner and jedi Xaos.
by the way: bunacode... I guess I was thinking sort of in the tone that you are writing... really, must say, brilliant insight... . I'm just a horror fan... and had the thought that I would shake up the competition with something different... or maybe a genre that I like a lot... I have friends that will love this chop and others who may detest it... no point here... but thank you for the critique... I really am blown away and impressed and flattered at your comments. Thank you.

Funny Joe Biden in Psycho

Joe Biden in Psycho
Member reactions:
Very Funny, But what's with the flat head.

Funny Lady Gaga in Psycho Movie

Lady Gaga in Psycho Movie
Member reactions:
Cool work with the title and letters managed very well

Funny Anthony Weiner in Psycho 2

Anthony Weiner in Psycho 2
Member reactions:
Congratulations. I think this guy should be erased and never to be heard from again. Well-done HoHouse.
You're finding the pocket Mr. HH. Terrific chop Congrats
Bronze congrats, HoHouse. I love it when you have composition entries like this one. Collage style of entries with super many elements of overused sources and characters don't score as high as this one.
Good going Ho,excellent chop.Congrats on the bronze you're moving on up like the Jeffersons

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