La Prune by Manet
La Prune by Manet
La Prune by Manet. Member reactions:
The hand holding a mobile rather looks like a Man hand good merge of the hand and the phone

Funny Albert Einstein Pruning a Tree in the Shape of Pi

Albert Einstein Pruning a Tree in the Shape of Pi
Member reactions:
Thanks, TiredTom. Einstein is there because it was also his Birthday on March 14th and as a theoretical physicist, he also use "Pi" quite a bit, no doubt.
Ok, if you like it leave it like it is. Of course it would be less funny without him but it would work, too - your decision.
Excellent job on the freaking bush. Whoa,,,,,, Einsteins packing.
Thanks, deaddog. Yeah, Al was a healthy specimen.
Congrats . Sorry I didn't vote in this contest as i was in cricket tournament.
Thanks, krrish. Hope you did well in the tournament.
It's brilliantly trimmed. Making the Einstein / Pi connection here really sells this chop.
The tree is cut, this is wood. Congrats on the wood, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. My body fits perfectly with Einstein's head, doesn't it. Bwahahahahah. But, these Woodies are killing me.

Funny Learn How to Prune Bushes

Learn How to Prune Bushes
Sometimes it's a good idea to cut deeper than necessary.
Member reactions:
maybe some blending and color adjustments would help
Perhaps you can use the stamp tool to clone instead of streching the leafs.
I agree - would try a clone tool instead of stretching

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