First North Korean Drone was designed from American prototype
First North Korean Drone was designed from American prototype
First North Korean Drone was designed from American prototype. Obsolete Russian technology plus North Korea natural resources. War is war, but lunch must be in time.
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Always get a kick out of your entries. Congrats Wanderer
Thank you, my friend. Politicians will continue do their business and we'll do ours.
Congrats Wanderer so much imagination poor out of ya. Well played

Funny AK-47 Prototype

AK-47 Prototype
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It takes a lot to discover all the possibilities offered by this weapon... but you missed a telephon, a radar, a....
Ha ha nicely design..Good creative thinking,,
I love how the bell obstructs the bayonet.
Excellent. My fave part is the vintage riflescope.
Musical copy, remix version of AK. Great work
This a mind blowing creativity It's a weaponry musical system with a vision

Funny iRadio - Prototype

iRadio - Prototype
Apple To Unveil iRadio
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now that would make a nice E-cig box mod.

Funny Smart Phone Camera Prototype

Smart Phone Camera Prototype
Camera News

Funny Google Glasses Prototypes

Google Glasses Prototypes
Google "Glass" Winners
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Amazing way to show how google glass would be good work on the putting the beam of light focus on the ground well done

Funny Astronaut Prototype

Astronaut Prototype
I was in Pluto now

Funny Star Wars Early Chewbacca and R2D2 Prototypes

Star Wars Early Chewbacca and R2D2 Prototypes
Present day George Lucas can't believe the early Chewbacca and R2D2 he almost approved.
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Hahaha, gotta love these SW prototypes. Surely is FN were involved these would get the green light
Thanks, Newsy. Yes, FN Wars is definitely in production.
This looks like the Canadian version.....
Disasterman...You could be right about that.
Reliably funny and precisely detailed. Congratulations Doc.
that's really cool work Pcrdds .. big congrats on the woody and keep up your best works
Thanks, oo0cns0oo. Thanks, G-man. Thanks, BOULPIX. Thanks, Mr. K. Thanks, Mr. S.

Funny Rejected Politician Bobble Head Prototypes

Rejected Politician Bobble Head Prototypes
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Thanks, Evirio. Appreciate it very much.
Mahmoud , nice job
This is hysterical. I can't stop laughing at these hoodies.
Extremely well made & so friggin funnay Thx
awesome work pcrdds .. congrats on the golden cup .. keep going
Thanks, Mr. K. Thanks, Ivan. Thanks, PJ.

Funny Early Twister Prototype

Early Twister Prototype

Funny Sony Walkman (Prototype)

Sony Walkman (Prototype)
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good concept but I would highlight the straps on shoulders and maybe some cast shadows from the straps. ( but that's just my humble opinion) Good wan none the less.
The main source is a tad blurry, but it's a very clever concept. Nice edit adding the shadows

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