God Hates Renoir Protest
God Hates Renoir Protest
God Hates Renoir Protest. Renoir Protest
Member reactions:
Thanks for the input. I made the change.

Funny Vladimir Putin Protesting Russian Sanctions

Vladimir Putin Protesting Russian Sanctions
Homeless Fasion
Member reactions:
I like it, but wish the main source was of higher resolution

Funny Blue Man Group Free Tibet Protest

Blue Man Group Free Tibet Protest
This show is on fire.
Member reactions:
Excellent work, and thanks for reminding of Blue Man Group.

Funny Viktor Yanukovych Protesting with Riot Police

Viktor Yanukovych Protesting with Riot Police

Funny Google Ukraine Protest

Google Ukraine Protest
Ukraine protest
Member reactions:
That's Google.com.ua version for sure. I edited the link for you, so it works. The format was correct but you should not have spaces inside the URL code.
Yeah, send it to Google. That is your clear audience for this fine work.

Funny Horse Meat Protest

Horse Meat Protest
You're kidding.....right. U.S.D.A. May Approve Horse Slaughter Plant
Member reactions:
No kidding. I am completely confused as to why they would do this.
Nice protest and the wording directly touches heart good one Save the Poor Animal from being Slaughter

Funny Protesting Mantis

Protesting Mantis
Done with supplied picture only.
Member reactions:
Wicked, reminds me of MarksDesigns images
Most Excellent..
I do like the challenge of working with just the source image, hope to see better ones in the future, thanks again all.
no more whining about voting. great job. congratulations

Funny Fukushima Protest

Fukushima Protest
Member reactions:
Nice chop great to turn the message boards to poster boards, well done

Funny Illegal Aliens Protest

Illegal Aliens Protest
Member reactions:
Pretty work, especially background, love the moon
Excellent to turn all of them to Aliens great work on the faces and the message boards very funny ....
Woody Congrats HoHouse my favorite is the "Photoshop This"
Hahaha, hilarious concept and nice reference to FN. Congrats on the wood, Mr. House.

Funny Occupy Hell Protest

Occupy Hell Protest
Member reactions:
funny to see the skeleton dancing all dead at one place
. Here are the great personalities. Well done
Only 2 comments. Really. And thanks by the way rajeshstar and balodiya for almost always saying something. WHERE IS THE CONTRUCTIVE critiques if this only ranks 10th.
This is a pretty cool chop, with excellent compositional use of the source, but it lacks the feeling of space - the shadows are needed behind the figures/parts that are in front of other figures. Bin Laden's head looks flat because the beard does not cast any shadows on the sign it partially covers. Hands on the signs all lack shadows too. It'd be nice to adjust the light/shadows of the figures to match the location and intensity of the flames. The masking and sizes are also rough at places - e.g. Osama's hand is way bigger than Kaddafi's hand, while Osama's head is smaller than Kaddafi's hand. So, while the concept/composition of this chop is clever, the execution could use some improvement.

Funny Occupy Chicago Protest

Occupy Chicago Protest
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of this Occupy Chicago protest (image credit: Michael Kappel) any way you wish. Some examples are - re-dress these Occupy Chicago protesters, make them protest at some unusual places and perform some stunts, use this Occupy Chicago protest image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Protests

In this contest you are asked to photoshop protests. Whether you are for or against the war, it can get pretty tiring seeing all of these marches on Washington! Why don't people march for a cause that isn't as serious as war? Here is your chance to create the logo and theme for a fictitious "March on Washington"! Your contest must not be for or against the war, but must be for a mundane, absurd or quirky issue!! Examples would be "Million Mom March Against Skidmarked Underwear" or "Couch Potatoes For an Easier Way". Create professional themes or logos to support your rally!

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