Polar Bears Sunbathing with Sunscreen Protection
Polar Bears Sunbathing with Sunscreen Protection
Polar Bears Sunbathing with Sunscreen Protection. Siberia Heat: Did The Arctic Region Break A Heat Record. Background
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Thank you geriatric and silvercanine ... ...

Funny George Bush on Toilet with Secret Service Protection

George Bush on Toilet with Secret Service Protection
George Bush to get Secret Service protection for life
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'One-Shot D-Man'. "Who needs more than one bullet for the job." Looking good D-Man.
Macho Security service and Bush is fantastic here Amazing work with white hair all over his body.. Master chop
Awesome.... Its secret for Bush but now us We all know who is protecting Mr Bush A perfect D Man chosen he knows to protect and will teach some fine chops to Bush. Awesome job done on the potrating an Very old Bush to us
D-man is mega cool here. Bush looks like old DiCaprio Wood congrats too, Paul.

Funny STD The Protection You Need

STD The Protection You Need
An obvious spoof of the STP logo and products...twisted a little to be STD featuring one of the hot chicks from the movie grownups.
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I looked at this one, 200% longer than any other.
You will go blind if you look at this too much, TheDunceCap.
VERY clever. Wish the D was larger, but otherwise this is pretty near perfect.
Hmm if the D were bigger I think it would be too obvious. Just visualising what part of the engine the girl is trying to put the condoms on .
very funny the Protection you need than take STD well blended looks so original stuff nice wording below "When things get hotter....
Thanks...this was a fun one to throw together...it was inspired partially but the other "Miracle Grow Condoms" and who ever did the "Banana Hammock" one. Too funny
Ahhh ha. She is the one from that Adam Sandler Movie right.
You know how to get attention to your chops, .

Funny Jump Into Hole in the Road For Protection

Jump Into Hole in the Road For Protection
If you want run away from Libya, Just use this way. Or else go and die.
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Thank you Very much Guys. Really I like the way you people recognize my work. Thanks once again
Congrats on the gold, krrish. I see the new tablet is working nicely for you
Thanks pcrdds and preem. I have been waiting for this very badly
Newsy. hahahaha. It was done with using mouse only. But you guys should ready for some stupid stuff from me. I am working on that.
Congrats Krish...nice to see you back and winning
Thanks AZ. Yes, I have been waiting for this from very long time.

Funny Obama Gets Protection

Obama Gets Protection
When Obama asks Biden to secure protection for the briefing, Biden misunderstands.
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Freaking hilarious. Could be a hidden political message here The "Freak" House is a nice touch
I can't say what i'm thinking but,fully as he...

Funny George Bush's Presidential Protection From Shoe Attacks

George Bush's Presidential Protection From Shoe Attacks
Please view full.
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you may consider a motion blur between the two shoes, may add to the overall effect. . . just a thought.
Hilarious. Reminds me a game with the same theme I saw

Funny Copy Protection

Copy Protection
news 1 news 2

Funny Agent protection

Agent protection
"Commander Bond, I see you cannot conceive what these devices are for. However, we have been ordered to issue them to all our agents, and I earnestly hope you will use them in the future."
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Oh my. (that's one hoooge i.u.d., ouch.)
An agent should always go into the field with adequate protection.

Funny Protection

Jeremy tried to send a virus on his Microsoft computer, unawares of who the new head of virus protection was...
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Scary...wouldn't like that coming at me..
YEAAAAAAAAAA......Getem tiger.So many wishes fullfilled here.
I LOVE the Linux penguin, subtle but beautiful

Funny Witness Protection

Witness Protection
Ben takes on a new life (and race).

Funny Protection Devices

Protection Devices
What kind of protection devices shall the Earthlings use at either macro level (protecting the whole planet) or micro level (personal or house protection)? Use your imagination to protect the Earth from solar storms, comets, asteroids, or aliens!

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