Protect MacDonyev
Protect MacDonyev
Protect MacDonyev. Member reactions:
Great job overall. I would change the uniform for a Russian uniform, and would not do the lost tooth, as it looks as much of a cliche as crossed eyes or pimples.
Thanks guys. New edits. I am not aiming for Russian Military Vlad...
Awesome... Like the uniform in yellow and black with a gun logo imprinted
Out of the box. Amazing concept and work.I like this chop.
Excellent Nicely done Good the see the lady behind..
Thank you Bob, 420, Doc, Elegary, Champ, Luciano, Eric, Rajesh, Nanny, Pat and Newsey. As a point of trivia, I actually ate at that first McDonalds in 91. We had to eat on the American side as it was split in two areas. The line out the door on the Russian side stretched two or more blocks down the street.
Congratz Hitspinner ... What a terrific Ronald ...
This is Freaking News Fantastic, you're tops to me, love your work. Congrats on the win.
So many thanks Hobbit, Armatien I love layers and Wanderer

Funny Protecting New York

Protecting New York
Member reactions:

Funny UN Blue Helmets - Protect and Serve Freedom

UN Blue Helmets - Protect and Serve Freedom
Member reactions:
The united colors of UNO all were pretty

Funny The Tower Protecting Dragon

The Tower Protecting Dragon
. Source Images .

Funny New York Cop To Protect And Serve

New York Cop To Protect And Serve
Member reactions:
Excellent job House. Gary always cracks me up.

Funny Israel Will Protect It's Borders

Israel Will Protect It's Borders
Netanyahu: Israel Will Protect Its Borders source Quote from the movie ( Kingdom of Heaven 2005 ) I would like to share: Dialog between Balian of Ibelin ( the leader of Crusaders ) and Saladin ( the leader of Muslims) Saladin: Will you yield the city. Balian of Ibelin: Before I lose it, I will burn it to the ground. Your holy places - ours. Every last thing in Jerusalem that drives men mad. Saladin: I wonder if it would not be better if you did.
Member reactions:
Just beautifully done. Gee...I wonder who could have done this...hmmmmm....Bwahahahahah. Fabuloso.
Wonderful , wonderful , wonderful , awesome clear chop ....
Honestly when I see a chop like this, I keep thinking that no matter how good a chopper gets there's no limit to creativity and skill growth. Better than brilliant.
thanx a lot Vlad, your words means a lot. and ( Honestly ), no place is better than FN, to make that happen. so cheers to you and to
Way to go, young Mr. S. See, the curled money gave you away...not to mention the quality of this chop.
Congratulations. You fooled me-thought it was an AZRainman chop. Very smooth work.
This is freaking perfect, more than great a killer piece. Congrats on the cup
Great hot topic satire...thanks for making it and congrats
glad I fooled ya Geri thanx guys for ur kind words and Votes Rainman: ur welcome Big man
You're welcome, Salis, and congrats on the win. You have really outdone yourself with this chop.

Funny Milla Jovovich Protecting Her Pot Crop

Milla Jovovich Protecting Her Pot Crop
Happy Birthday Milla...
Member reactions: made it into the 'TOP 10'Goat. Congratulations-great effort.
Nice work Goat, love the way you worked in the photo of your back yard
hahahaha disman, i wish.. id have a Ferrari then.. Thanks Geri..

Funny Wise Owl Protecting Earth

Wise Owl Protecting Earth
Give a hoot, don't pollute. Happy Earth Day.
Member reactions:
Another great entry, H. Author. PS This is so clear and the colors are handled so beautifully... it is one of my favorites of your FN entries.
Congrats on #1 and #2 and #3 and #4.... this was my fav.
Me likes the wise own with the hat. Rainbow around it is a very nice touch.
i like this one man congrats on the silver

Funny To Serve and Protect

To Serve and Protect
Member reactions:
Congrats Funkster DC 911. here we come...
Those pants on McCain are just soooo wrong LoL Congrats
bs'd I must admit that I will never submit anything b/c I am not pictorially artistic, but I am blown away by the very clever works submitted here. I think it is that humor which makes America the amazing country that it is. Can you imagine any other country allowing such political humor. Mama
Thanks All, mama, yes the USA is still a great country, even with all it's problems. It's one of the best in the world, right behind Canada. Cheers.

Funny Protect Serve Entertain

Protect Serve Entertain
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Member reactions:
the motto. Thanks for the youtube link.

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