Dianne Feinstein Wearing a Bullet Proof Vest
Dianne Feinstein Wearing a Bullet Proof Vest
Dianne Feinstein Wearing a Bullet Proof Vest. Senator Feinstein To Introduce Gun-Control Bill

Funny Rubik's Cube Zombie Proof Safehouse

Rubik's Cube Zombie Proof Safehouse
The polish Rubik-zombie-safehouse: A zombie-proof ‘safe-house’ to survive the apocalypse Turning torso source image from fotoakuten.se
Member reactions:
Whoa, very clever. Looks real too. Hats off.
Woody congrats, hygglobert. Very nice work.
This is freaking and brilliant entry. I am surprised it stands in 4th.. :O Anyway congrats Hyg. Really Brilliant Job.

Funny Barack Obama Proof that Osama Bin Laden is Dead

Barack Obama Proof that Osama Bin Laden is Dead
Member reactions:
Beauty in full view. Nice touches with Trump's mounted head and the reflections in the mirror

Funny Apollo Landing Hoax Proof

Apollo Landing Hoax Proof
Some think moon landing still a hoax
Member reactions:
Yeah....it was a hoax The new footage soon to be released will be scrutinised and questioned to death. Nice pic...love the doors.
by the way..adding a little more contrast to the photographer would help maybe...darker shadow.
My dad worked for Whirlpool which was part of RCA at that time. They built the computers onboard the Apollo CSM and LM. All of the things he showed and told about to us kids could not have been for nothing. We did it.
IT IS NOT A HOAX. Elvis lives there and so does JFK's assassin. ps. who's the folding chair for.
If we did really go to the Moon, then explain how we got our astronauts through The Van Allen radiation belt without giving them cancer or completely melting out their eyeballs. This is the biggest concern about going to the Moon today but it didn't seem to bother anyone back then. They even keep the shuttles below this belt. The reason Whirlpool was involved is because the LEM and orbiter were made out of old washing machines that would never have survived the Van Allen belt let alone insulate the astronauts from -455 degrees Fahrenheit to 253 degrees Fahrenheit. On the chop, I like the idea and the erratic shadowing doesn't bother me because the "real" Moon landings had some iffy shadowing. But what's up with the guy in Blue. He looks all mucked up.
Hey Jerry, You are right about the radiation. As I understand it the radiation is only "deadly" during solar flare ups. Did they get irradiated. Yes, but not enough to kill. Even flying in an airliner, you get some radiation. As for temps. The gold foil on the LM reflected most of the solar heat gain along with dual bulkhead plates. The oxygen supply to the liquid cooled "white reflective" suits were in spheres in the backpack and pressurized to 6000 psi. As oxygen flowed to the astronaut it expanded like freon and went through a heat exchanger and cooled the suit. Same thing in the LM.
Interesting. Solar flares are also becoming unpredictable. Recently there was a huge flare that reached Earth in only minutes and no one predicted it. Guess it comes with the job.
Well, at least we solved your heating and cooling problems though
Yes, all questions answered, except who is the folding chair for..
General: The camera guy needs a place to sit afterwards waiting fot the next photo set-up. I would think it is just for 'anyone' who wants to sit - that being someone else off screen, as well.
Great choice of a news story. Hilariously illustrated. We will be running a moon hoax contest now.

Funny Hurricane Proof Homes

Hurricane Proof Homes

Funny The Proof of Bigfoot Via DNA

The Proof of Bigfoot Via DNA
Proof positive of Sasquatcherectus.
Member reactions:
waaaay over thier heads, but BRILLIANT....
this is very good. whoever did this is an uber nerd... like me. and they must have a bit of punk rock in them to tread this far outside the box. love it
Very creative, my favourite in this contest
I still think could be the winner...

Funny Bullet-Proof Table Tennis

Bullet-Proof Table Tennis
We must protect our athletes.

Funny Proof of Darwin's Theroy of Evolution

Proof of Darwin's Theroy of Evolution
We finally see what was under Darwin's ugly black hat, and what truly was the inspiration behind his theory of evolution.

Funny Bullet Proof School Uniform

Bullet Proof School Uniform
Citizens voted to make uniforms mandatory at Charlton Heston Jr. High in Gladwin, Michigan. The bullet proof vest is not optional.
Member reactions:
She looks so happy and comfortable in it. Very nice image.
She's a daughter of a policeman and a ninja

Funny flood proof house

flood proof house
this house might look haunted, but when it's hurricane season...everybody will want to come here.
Member reactions:
Great job, but because of the haunting it looks somewhat off-topic. Can you post links to source pics.
Love the source/perspecive, I too would like to see the source images. Great feel to this image.
People in this house have a weird desire to jump from a window into the flood below.

Funny Flood and Hurricane Proof Houses

Flood and Hurricane Proof Houses
Show how houses can be protected against flood and hurricane. Make them flood-proof or hurricane-proof. Images showing part of houses are also allowed, as well as images of mobile homes.

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