Secret Space Program Drone
Secret Space Program Drone
Secret Space Program Drone. Member reactions:
Thanks hobbit. Had to look it up FrogGod1 not being a gamer myself 😎👍🏼
Thanks Wanderer Bob and Hobbit. Chuffed. That's my wife as an Astronaut discovering ET. Hehe
Tell your wife, she makes a darn good Astronaut.
Lol thanks hobbit. I was three hours into a different image with the same title. I save as I go along so if a file is so bloated it crashes Photoshop I can retrieve the last saved version. I came back to it the next day and every version was gone from the computer. Not that I got paranoid or anything This was a better variation anyway.
Congrats on the Gold, great lights color scheme.
Nice work, PS. Very "spacey" looking (in a good way).

Funny Wrong Program

Wrong Program

Funny North Korean Space Program Using Kingfisher Birds

North Korean Space Program Using Kingfisher Birds
This just popped into my head when trying to think of something to do.
Member reactions:
Nice, I just caught myself clicking on the "Fake Stories" tab.
Fantastic piece of work, should have scored way higher

Funny Future Programming Versus Deprogramming

Future Programming Versus Deprogramming
Member reactions:
Thank you
I see lots of photoshop work here - the tubes and splashes seem to be done from scratch. Great job, Hidden.
. This is great. Nice Usage of the technology. Good to see brain deprogramming.
Excellent. Good use of shadows and transparencies too.
I was trying to do the conduit at first by making a brush where the shape repeat would lay down directionally, but that was not cooperating at all. Then I thought about it and came up with a method that seems to have worked out pretty nicely.
Gigmonger really cool Chop,,,I like your attention to detail.. Blood around the connection,, butterfly a touch of normality ,,congrats....
Thank you so much preemiememe. The normality of the butterfly is an illusion. Its a Monarch butterfly and represents the Monarch program within the CIA's MKULTRA where they performed mind control experiments. The reason for their term "Monarch Programming" came from the similarity between a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly and a "subject" metamorphosing into a control subject. One of the most disturbing methods they used was to take a child, introduce them to a puppy, let them bond, and then brutally destroy the puppy in front of the child, deliberately forcing their psyche to split into new personalities in order for their innocent little minds to cope. They would then take steps to manipulate and control those additional personalities. There was also the "PusssyCat" programming, as well as the use of Disney films used for programming. Sounds pretty twisted huh.

Funny Hillary Clinton's Presidential Programming

Hillary Clinton's Presidential Programming
Hillary Gets The Dark Lord's Blessing
Member reactions:
hopefully she will not run late during this session and miss her follow up apointment with the chop, love the glasses.
In this way she looks like a female version of Frankenstein.
She looks like a big turtle with those glasses. I salute you for what you did to her face this time (no unrecognizable distortions).
Thank you Doc, NM, Luciano, Eric, Pat, and Jere. And Jere, I don't think they let you miss those meetings even if you are in intensive care.
Congrats, Hits. I knew this would win as soon as I saw it. Genius.
Congrats Gold HitMan. Brillant use of flag on her..
, yeah, you're probably right. congrats Hits.

Funny Oprah Winfrey's Aerospace Weight Loss Program

Oprah Winfrey's Aerospace Weight Loss Program
Member reactions:
Lol, good idea and good job. I wouldn't put the bubble though, but that's me
Ha ha ha terrific lady... she must lose some weight so that others will also allowed to sit beside in spaceship

Funny Thanks for Ending Shuttle Program Obama

Thanks for Ending Shuttle Program Obama
Member reactions:
Lots of work, lots of fun, excellent chop.
Looks as though Mr. President is doing his part to maintain unemployment in America. Clean as a New York police whistle; Good Luck.
Thanks, deaddog. Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, geriatric.
Nice shadow work, hat with ears good job.
Thanks, ericnorthend. Thanks, dsbinfo2011. Thanks, rajeshstar.
Silver congrats Pcr, Obamaland seems to be a funny place
Congratulations. Always original and funny.
Thanks, Lady Sunshin3, you should come visit. Thanks, G-Man, appreciate it. Thanks, crusader.
WoW. That hat in the front should sell (much better than WallyWorld's - hah). Great job (should have taken the Gold - in my humble opinion).
Gotta love the Obama ear hat on the kid. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, MsgtBob. Merci, Mme BOULPIX. Thanks, Newsy and thanks to you guys for noticing the Obama Ear Hat.

Funny PTSD Veteran's Program Aviator Fright Simulator

PTSD Veteran's Program Aviator Fright Simulator
"Re-living the moment is all part of an aviators PTSD Veteran's Program
Member reactions:
I would prefer a Huey w/M-134 Gattling Guns. My flashbacks are more colorful. Very funny concept-high marks.
i agree with pixjockey . absolutely genius
Nice use of sources and well done. All the best.
Bronze chopper for Wiz-ard of photoshop. Congrats.

Funny If Rednecks Ruled The Space Program

If Rednecks Ruled The Space Program
Party prior to every launch SOURCE
Member reactions:
Our airline motto is: "This bud's for you."
really great Try DDB , keep up nice works

Funny Astronaut with Photoshop Program

Astronaut with Photoshop Program
This Is Not Your Ordinary Family Photo
Member reactions:
This is hilarious. FN theme is a nice touch

Funny TV Program Mix-ups

TV Program Mix-ups
This is a themed contest. Do NOT edit the theme post. Today's contest we are going to create new TV programs using existing programs. Combine any two TV programs past or present, and create a new TV program as in the theme post [Dukes of Hazzard & Mayberry RFD]. [NO MOVIES OR CARTOONS] Thanks to midian for sponsoring this contest and for supplying the theme post. There seems to be a lot of confusion on this contest. We have changed the theme image to better show what we are looking for. We also are extending the contest one more day. Sorry and thanks.

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