Revisionist History Professor
Revisionist History Professor
Revisionist History Professor. Revisionists
Member reactions:
This is just "TO MUCH", Love It, Congrats on the win.
Thank you Bob, Hobbit, Andrew, Steve, Luciano, Eric, Balodiya, Layers and Newsey

Funny Nutty Professor Minimalist Movie Poster

Nutty Professor Minimalist Movie Poster

Funny Professor Rowan Atkinson

Professor Rowan Atkinson
Member reactions:
Rowan once said he is a compulsive qualificationist. He even has a licence to drive Heavy Goods Vehicles. As well as a Maths degree. Love the image. Edited for typo.
Great math professor angle here. His addition skills and quite Bean-like too
Are those balls on the blackboard snowballs .
Thanks, everyone. Guess you guys never fired spitballs. Chewed, wadded up paper.
I got what they were hahaahaha, no mistaking spit wads with me. I was deadly with a bic pen and paper hahaha Funny stuff, Doc. Strange, this posted before I finished writing it.... Anyway, wood congrats.
Thanks, Tim, Andrew, jere, G-Man, Funky, Bob and Newsy.

Funny Professor Gore Talking on Ebola

Professor Gore Talking on Ebola
Clearly, another Ice Age should stop Ebola in its tracks.
Member reactions:
The scheme on the board is the best part.
Please eliminate shadows on the white area of the opened door.
Congrats first 5, Pacovilla. Excellent work. Gore is on of the most famous bubble project maker.

Funny Professor Van Gogh

Professor Van Gogh
In his later years, he moved to the US and became a professor of art at the University of Michigan. Unfortunately, he was the kind of professor no one wanted to get on their schedule because he "would only listen with half an ear."
Member reactions:
Excellent. Would be super cool to change his head for Vincent's
I think he looks like Vincent, but older than VG ever lived.
I guess University of Michigan has got remarkable professor to teach from soul of Art
Woody congrats, Icy. You're on a roll. Keep it up.
You're just gobbling up the trophies lately hahahaha Well deserved. Congrats on the cup
Congratulations Icy, very nice homage to Van.
congrats.. IcyAllEyeCan .... This looks like a place I could retire to

Professor of Funny Leslie Nielsen

Professor of Funny Leslie Nielsen
Please REFRESH SCREEN and VIEW FULL resolution
Member reactions:
Please don't use the smileys in the title - they mess up the script logic and thus the entry view is not loading. We'll fix the title for you now. Great chop, by the way

Funny Professor Whoopi Goldberg

Professor Whoopi Goldberg
Professor Whoopi sorts out Hogwarts.

Funny Professor Funkwood

Professor Funkwood
Please view full Thanks for the good sportsmanship of Funkwood, Hitspinner, Kratos and SidKain.
Member reactions:
.. i Guess they didn't see it yet.. or they r still rolling on the flour..
bwahahaha freaky cool work . look at kratos how he looks like there , thinking what funkwood doing there with my head , he wanna take my brain . haha
, this is brilliant...good stuff...kratos is brilliant, sid is awesome, well hitspinner and funkwood are awesome too..great entry......
other of my favorite paintings good luck
Awesome work. I think I'm getting ready to swap Sidkain's mind with Kratos'.... And Hitspinner is wanted for crimes against FN, . I'm gonna raise the reward to a cool million though.
Well, at least he has his pants ON. Looks like EarDude is back. Great image-good luck.
hey my mind with copyright so you can't swap it with sidkain's mind still laughing at this one mr.pike .. great work and congrats on the gold and thank you for including my pic there
congrats for the gold's freaking're a great artist...congrats again.
Congrats RW. I thought this one was yours You truly deserved the gold
Congrats o the win mr. pike.. great piece here
Now I see why you had to go. SPLENDID STUFF.
Congrats on the GOLD rwpike.. Awesome work..
Congratulations EarDude-great work as usual.
Congrats for the gold Rwpike. Awesome creative chop.
Another great chop by the rwpike master. Congrats on the win. love it...........
You really take this to another level, Pike. It's a heaven of Photoshop. Congrats on the win.

Funny Professor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Classroom

Professor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Classroom
Member reactions:
Love this entry, specially the lighting. however i think the head is a little bit big.
thank you Freakyclown for the kind words. but i think the head is just fine.
Judging by this entry, Arnold could be the next Einstein. Looks quite realistic.

Funny Professor Stuart Little

Professor Stuart Little
Now This is Fun. (Full View Please. For a Sharper Image)
Member reactions:
Well done on merging the pics together - very clean & smooth and the reflection adds that something extra. And most importantly - Stuart is very cute... Good work.

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