Jean Reno The Professional
Jean Reno The Professional
Jean Reno The Professional. Member reactions:
Solid idea and superb blending. The face at the bottom does not need to be vertically squeezed in my opinion

Funny Super Economics Professionals

Super Economics Professionals
I just created this last night for my Facebook Cover Pic. Can you name them all. See how many you can get.
Member reactions:
If I can get bigger image.. Very well done.
Sorry ericnorthend... I did it to the dimensions of FB. I would have liked it bigger too.
Quality caricature work. I think I can only name two people here Ron Paul and Thomas Jefferson.
From left to right: Max Keiser Gerald Celente Ron Paul Thomas Jefferson Von Mises Look all of these people up and you will have the inside track and be leagues beyond the majority regarding global finances. Check out for exceptional information based on Austrian economics. You'll find why those of us who follow Austrian economics are able to predict future financial events. Keynesian economics (the US model) is severely flawed (hence the dangerous bubbles that it creates and the current "greatest" depression we are in, regardless of what the mainstream media will tell you). With Keynesian economics, the "experts" apparently can't predict anything or come up with why their "precious" system is not working. At the very same time, Austrian economics will tell you exactly why we're in the situation we're in, and predicts some very disturbing events to come. And be assured, those events are coming. Good luck and be safe...

Funny Steve Jobs the Professional

Steve Jobs the Professional
kinda looks like him.
Member reactions:
love that movie. but i will tell ya now that steve jobs forehead is twice the size of jean renos

Funny Natalie Portman The Professional

Natalie Portman The Professional

Funny Professional Hit on the Black Swan

Professional Hit on the Black Swan

Funny Professional Piano Movers

Professional Piano Movers
Those of us who do or did own a piano, know that moving it from one house to another requires more care that the rest of the furniture. There are even moving companies that specialize in just pianos and handle them with special equipment - wheels and handles - like you see on today's photo. Photoshop this photo of professional piano movers any way you wish.

Funny Professional Candy

Professional Candy
Astronauts get to eat the "special" candy made just for space. What about other professions? Don't they deserve their own brands of candy? Create pictures of professional candy that is specific to any job.

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