Fake Meat Production
Fake Meat Production
Fake Meat Production. Fake meat sales are growing

Funny CRAPCO Factory Production Line

CRAPCO Factory Production Line
You have used our wonderful products - now for the first time, you are able to see where they come from.
Member reactions:
If you are not Innovating means your are hanging good concept... and the funny to see made in china and assembled in Mexico concept and funny to see their innovation good one
Mind hunting chop... totally out of mind yes I mean it... full of craziness... Love it
Now we know where and how it'd produced. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Newsy...yes...now you know where all the wonderful products originate.

Funny The New Eye Phone In Production

The New Eye Phone In Production
It's the new eyephone. Made with real eyes.
Member reactions:
What a wonderful design of Eye makes it work as a eye-phone is amazing excellent beam of rays emitted over the space to operate the phone
The flight of wild and wonder photoshoppery here. Eye Like Eat.
Congratulations on a well deserved gold Moya.

Funny Absolut Production Flaw

Absolut Production Flaw

Funny Neanderthal Man - Irwin Allen Production

Neanderthal Man - Irwin Allen Production
..coming to a theater near you.
Member reactions:
Quality work. Please update your email account with us - all emails to you bounce. Click (My Preferences) in the top menu bar to do this.

Funny Mass Telephone Production

Mass Telephone Production
At one point these phones where mass produced in multiple colors.

Funny Egg and Baby Production Factory

Egg and Baby Production Factory
Member reactions:
Cute idea. There are some masking and lighting issues on this. Some of the babies in the back part of the line look like they are floating to me.

Funny White House Productions

White House Productions
Bush,Blair and Rumsfeld have put their spin talents to some good use finally.
Member reactions:
The Rumsfeld layer needs a higher opacity, me thinks.
blending the layers.. this has been one of my several weaknesses, i will try to do better next time though
, i will try to do better next time though --> Stick with it, keep practicing and you'll get a lot better if you show blatant disregard for friends, family, sleeping, work, bathing, and nutrition.

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