Putin has changed the prison in The Hague to the cell in Russia
Putin has changed the prison in The Hague to the cell in Russia
Putin has changed the prison in The Hague to the cell in Russia . President Putin withdraws Russia from the International Criminal Court
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Putin has changed the civilized prison in The Hague to the cell in Russia. Kremlin bomond (all Crimes against humanity) in the cell with Putin: Minister of Defence - Sergey Shoygu, Foreign Minister of Russia - Sergey Lavrov, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation - Maria Zaharova, Pime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev
Ohhh and a 3-fer. The chop Gods have favored you. Against all odds. Holy cow. Super congrats..
Thank you, Luciano, Hobbit and Hitspinner.

Funny Barack Obama Celebrating New Year in Prison

Barack Obama Celebrating New Year in Prison

Funny Hillary Clinton in Prison

Hillary Clinton in Prison
Click Here To See How Many Years She May Get
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Hey, does this prison pantsuit make my butt look big.
No. your fat a$$ make it look big.
Poor Wombat. Hopefully he can escape.
U guys
Wouldn't be the 1st time Wombat got drunk and woke up in jail.

Funny George Bush Working at a Sewing Machine in Prison

George Bush Working at a Sewing Machine in Prison
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Funny Pig Police Officers Chasing an Escapee From Prison

Pig Police Officers Chasing an Escapee From Prison
original view recommended.
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I don't understand it...but I like it. Original view looks especially good.
Probably reason is that cops are called pigs somewere. Excellent.
got me by 0.003 of a point. Excellent, very amusing and creative chop. The FN gods favor you today my friend. Mucho congrats on the gold
I KNEW this was a winner the first time I saw it. GREAT job

Funny Prison Wedding For Charles Manson

Prison Wedding For Charles Manson
Charles Manson Plans Prison Wedding

Funny Transgenders in Prison

Transgenders in Prison
Who knows better what it's like to be a transgender in prison. Manley to Get Gender Treatments + Laverne Cox First Transgender Actress to get Emmy Nod I mean her name is Laverne Cox and his is Manning you can't make this stuff up.
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"Man-ning parts". Cool chop
Congrats on top 5 IcyAllEyeCan Good one.

Funny Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Goes To Prison

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Goes To Prison
Ray Nagin, former Mayor of New Orleans will be going to prison
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Many brilliant touches here. Love the electronic countdown timer and "to do" list the most.
Thanks, Newsy, Dr. Silvercuspid, G-Man and Andrew.
Silver Congratulations, Paul. Great work, reminds me of the one I did on Ray-Ray back in Feb

Funny Obama Doing Yard Work in Prison

Obama Doing Yard Work in Prison
Xtra time to kill
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Did you really create this image from that source photo.
Hahahaha Anton. That would have rocked if I did, huh. I done went an got all confused. Thanks for catching that
This chop is looking natural,strong body builder
Bobybuilders, big body small head. BO tattoo stands fot BO or Barack Obama. But Barack Obama is also called BO or BO is really Barack..... OK I give up.
Hahaha, BO does look better with some meat on his bones. Awesome, Hits
Thought this one was medal bound for sure.
Thanks gang, yeah, I had higher hopes but got pounded down again by a 300 pound hammer Can't win em all

Funny Vladimir Putin in Prison

Vladimir Putin in Prison
Trading Places can be happened shortly when just price for gas will go down. Money will gone quickly and he will become problem for his own "friends" and eventually he will feel only pain in his ...
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Yess indeed, me likes a lot too. Congrats on the cup
Congratulations for the Silver, Andrew. Putin looks perfectly natural in his new digs
Thank you, NewsMaster, Its420here and Hobbit90.

Funny Prison Decorations

Prison Decorations
[ Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph laments in a series of letters to a newspaper that the maximum-security federal prison where he is spending the rest of his life is designed to drive him insane. ] This Eric Rudolph guy says the conditions in prison are driving him insane. OK. I ask you this. Is a fellow that sets bombs off that kill and injure innocent people really sane to begin with? I think old Eric has it way too tough. Maybe Eric shouldn't be in a SuperMax prison. Maybe he should be in a more suitable cell with land mine carpeting and hand grenade pillows where he could fully enjoy the rest of his life. In this contest you are asked to photoshop / perform any type of prison decor changes you want. Show how good or bad conditions are in your images.

Funny Prison Rehabilitation Therapy

Prison Rehabilitation Therapy
What novel approaches to prison rehabilitation therapy can you think of? Design new products or methods that have never been used to prepare jail inmates to re-enter society.

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