Prison break
Prison break
Prison break. original view recommended.
Member reactions:
I don't understand it...but I like it. Original view looks especially good.
Probably reason is that cops are called pigs somewere. Excellent.
got me by 0.003 of a point. Excellent, very amusing and creative chop. The FN gods favor you today my friend. Mucho congrats on the gold
I KNEW this was a winner the first time I saw it. GREAT job

Funny Prison Wedding

Prison Wedding
Charles Manson Plans Prison Wedding

Funny Former New Orleans Mayor Goes To Prison

Former New Orleans Mayor Goes To Prison
Ray Nagin, former Mayor of New Orleans will be going to prison
Member reactions:
Many brilliant touches here. Love the electronic countdown timer and "to do" list the most.
Thanks, Newsy, Dr. Silvercuspid, G-Man and Andrew.
Silver Congratulations, Paul. Great work, reminds me of the one I did on Ray-Ray back in Feb

Funny My prison

My prison
Member reactions:
Bo in the jail uniform.
HaHa, rubik's cube has to be for Bo. Great Job

Funny OJ Simpson in Prison Begs Obama For A Pardon

OJ Simpson in Prison Begs Obama For A Pardon
Claiming to have brain cancer, O.J. Simpson begs Obama for a pardon from prison.
Member reactions:
,, "ask Snoop for pardon"
Very appropriate facial expression for both .
Love the plans scrawled on the jail cell wall...excellent.
What a loser... O.J.... What a winner chop.
This one cracked me up. First & second. Congrats.
Congrats on the silver too. Funny wall quotes.
Thanks az. Thanks, Steve.

Funny Nelson Mandela in Prison

Nelson Mandela in Prison

Funny Edward Snowden in a Russian Prison

Edward Snowden in a Russian Prison
Member reactions:
It looks like the Living allowance is not enough to feed him atleast he should try to marry to the lady
You are so right. Behind every lazy man there should be a rich lady, I'm kidding of course
Food poisoning Eat healthy milk products Snowden You look terrible
When I was in Russia in 1991 I saw a lot of poverty like this. I understand times have changed but probably not so much in Siberia. Thank you Eric
Twice I have chopped this Azzho and twice I have tanked. No more Bradley for this chopper, the dude does not inspire me and...I can take a hint
Excellent, work. But Snowden probably already has good deal with Russians and he will have something better to live.
Well, I doubt it, Wanderer. If he F--ked the Americans, he's as likely to do the same to the Russians. My money says he winds up in a gulag some day. Thanks for the comment and thank you Xaos. You know the score
Quality work, Hits. Would fit nicely one of those anorexia contests we had.
I thought it fit fine in this one, but I get your meaning Thanks Vlad

Funny Eric Holder in Prison

Eric Holder in Prison
Last week Holders musical debut fell flat. This week Holder is trying out yet another career. Thespian... In this movie scene still, Eric is shown contemplating that old jailhouse game, "Soap on a Rope" It's shower time in this wonderful cinematic sequel to Shawshank Redemption. Only this time the end has an unexpected twist. Large View Things have gotten a little out of whack You don't say.....
Member reactions:
Thanks pcrdds. I know a lot of my stuff is biting politically and puts some folks off. Its has to be said. I am glad to have you comment on this one my friend. ; )
Thank you balodiya. Glad you thought so. ; )
Thank you ericnorthend. I am glad the work pleases you. I sometimes worry the partisan nature of my work is off-putting. ; )
Hey. What do you know. Hard edge political satire still a hit here at FN. Lol. ; ) Thank you NewsMaster, Wanderer and pcrdds. I really appreciate the Congrats. Now back to work. Fortunately for me there are plenty of scandles to chop on. Lol. Too bad really. ; )
Freaking Awesome Bmore. A well deserved win.
You restored my faith .It can't just be great political satire anymore. FN is so multinational if a chop doesn't spell it out it goes whooooosh right on by some of out brother and sister choppers. You had the right combination of both. It serves up the idea without much thinking about it. Very well done and congrads on the cuppage
Thanks very much Hitspinner. My goal is to continue forward. Lol. ; )
Great work.. Congrats on the gold Bmore..
Thank you very much Xaos54, ; ) I really appreciate the compliment from someone as talented as yourself. : )
Will there be a sequel to 'Soap on a Rope'. Nice work-had to return for a second look.
geriatric, sequel . With a scandal a day out of this administration its very hard to imagine there won't be. ; )

Funny Hairy Lindsay Lohan Prison Workout

Hairy Lindsay Lohan Prison Workout
Lindsay Lohan 6 Month Prison Workout Supplies needed: crack cocaine,alcohol,testosterone shots,steroids,beer keg,crack pipe,joint,cigarettes,bar of soap, Workout Schedule: Everyday: 1000 push ups,1000 sit ups,1000 pull ups,2 "drop the soap exercises" once in the morning and once in the evening before bed time."Supplies" must be used 5 times per day.

Funny Illegal Aliens Released From USA Prison

Illegal Aliens Released From USA Prison
Illegal aliens released from prison due to budget cuts
Member reactions:
Illegal immigrants getting out of US Jails Nice start of spending cuts Good job in showing the same in this chop like the Aliens concept... and the wordings on their dress well done

Funny Prison Decorations

Prison Decorations
[ Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph laments in a series of letters to a newspaper that the maximum-security federal prison where he is spending the rest of his life is designed to drive him insane. ] This Eric Rudolph guy says the conditions in prison are driving him insane. OK. I ask you this. Is a fellow that sets bombs off that kill and injure innocent people really sane to begin with? I think old Eric has it way too tough. Maybe Eric shouldn't be in a SuperMax prison. Maybe he should be in a more suitable cell with land mine carpeting and hand grenade pillows where he could fully enjoy the rest of his life. In this contest you are asked to photoshop / perform any type of prison decor changes you want. Show how good or bad conditions are in your images.

Funny Prison Rehabilitation Therapy

Prison Rehabilitation Therapy
What novel approaches to prison rehabilitation therapy can you think of? Design new products or methods that have never been used to prepare jail inmates to re-enter society.

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