Princess Shea Turkey
Princess Shea Turkey
Princess Shea Turkey. Member reactions:
Outstanding mutant mystery Hidden. Turkey Beard makes a nice vest Lol
SlapShot, darn nice looking Turkey and her little friend too, well done pic, Congrats on your win....
Congrats SS
Silver Congrats, Splats. Love the rose eating liz and the tore up bot.
Thanks, Guys. Happy Thanksgiving. 🍗

Funny Ciara Princess Harris

Ciara Princess Harris
Paint It, Black
Member reactions:
Awesome flipping job Splat. And always awesome to see your work.
Great job. Not sure who the gal is but I am old and half-brained anyway .
Thanks, Hits. (: Well...she's a singer, song writer, actress, and ect. with quite a list of credits on Wiki. Also happens to be the wife of Seattle Seahawks Quarterback, Russel Wilson.
Should have been top 3, but our votes don't count
Thanks, HH. I see your point. I actually once asked Newsy to increase the 10% karma power for a participating contestant. He said he'd think about it. I suppose he's still thinking. ...

Funny Frog Princess

Frog Princess
I think he kissed her...and she turned into a frog princess.
Member reactions:
Brilliant idea, with phenomenal work blending the skin.
Darn, thought for sure this was a winner, congrats on 5th place, love this pic.
Top%Congrats, LunaC. Fantastic work with the textured skin and eye manip. It's a fine work of Art for sure. Should have finished much higher in my book too.

Funny Princess Borg

Princess Borg

Funny Putin Princess

Putin Princess

Funny `Princes and Princesses`

`Princes and Princesses`
Member reactions:
Unbelievable.. world leaders are so small in this picture
I would watch the one on the lap, he likes doing No - Nos.

Funny The Princess And Her Swan

The Princess And Her Swan

Funny Princess The Backyard Diva

Princess The Backyard Diva
Member reactions:
Great Image, Debbie. One Pretty Oinker...

Funny Princess Leia in the Orphanage Movie

Princess Leia in the Orphanage Movie

Funny Princess Leia in the Orphan Movie

Princess Leia in the Orphan Movie

Funny Japanese Princess Mako

Japanese Princess Mako
Japan's Princess Mako has formally announced her engagement to a non-royal after receiving the emperor's approval. This announcement kicks off a lengthy marriage process, and it also means the princess will lose her royal status. Under a controversial Japanese law, female imperial family members forfeit their status upon marriage to a "commoner" whereas male members do not. At a press conference, she said she was first attracted to Kei Komuro's "smile like the sun". Turn any celebrity or politician into Japanese Royalty. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

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