Primate Photos Coming to Life
Primate Photos Coming to Life
Primate Photos Coming to Life. Member reactions:
I like this image.All Gorilla are looking danger
Proboscis monkey stealing bananas is freaking hilarious.
Yea, gorilla with the gun steals the show.
Thanks to each of you, I love all monkeys.
Some serious monkey business in this serious OOB chop. ;D
Lots of humor. Great one hobbit, congrats on the cup

Funny Scary Alien Primate

Scary Alien Primate
Member reactions:
Very scary and astonishing Ape : great combination of different colors and shades like your entry

Funny Primate Belly Dancing

Primate Belly Dancing
The rare combination of grace and poise make this Primate Primadonna a dance favorite.

Funny Bat Primate

Bat Primate
Member reactions:
You could clean up the seam between the arm and wing for better effect, but otherwise a cool image.

Funny Primate Picnic

Primate Picnic
Monkey see, Monkey do.
Member reactions:
Just 3 minor problems here. His freakin elbow is on the table. He has no plate. And it looks as though he has grown into the table. Otherwise great idea. P.S. Just kidding about the plate and elbow.
Very funny. The gorilla looks like he enjoyed his meal.
You should never believe the pictures. I always look like monkey on them

Funny Primate Insurance

Primate Insurance
Member reactions:
Good in Costa Rica. Ever met a Spider Monkey. Inquiring people gotsta know.

Funny Playboy Primates

Playboy Primates
See the Primates frolic on the Playboy channel.

Funny Primate Jackson

Primate Jackson
You really wanna see who's a bad ass monkey.

Funny Primates Bush and Cheney

Primates Bush and Cheney
Lead primates

Funny Amy Winehouse in the Primate Exhibit at the Zoo

Amy Winehouse in the Primate Exhibit at the Zoo
Member reactions:
It would be more impressive if you did not make it so crowded

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