Birds of Prey
Birds of Prey
Birds of Prey. bird lands on Bernie's podium during rally Stark contrast between the candidate's reaction to Bernie's bird. Please zoom in to see the details. a making of: link
Member reactions:
, Bernie looks humble with his bird while the other two look like idiots.

Funny Preying Mantis Woman at the Beach

Preying Mantis Woman at the Beach
She's a man eater.
Member reactions:
All that she wants is another baby... She's preying on men.
So sweet . I would compress vertically the shadow because of light coming top-down.

Funny Eagle Giving His Prey an Olive Branch of Peace

Eagle Giving His Prey an Olive Branch of Peace
Member reactions:
Works for me

Funny Prey of the Huntsman

Prey of the Huntsman
Member reactions:
The Huntsman is a lousy shot and should be fined.
awww poor little bambi
its really hurts to see the poor fellow got hit but i can take your message in a positive note "Never harm endangered spices"

Funny Underwater Predator and Prey

Underwater Predator and Prey

Funny A Bird Of Prey Is Washington

A Bird Of Prey Is Washington
Is this bird of prey an Eagle or a Vulture.
Member reactions:
The eagle silhouette seems a bit stretched horizontally. I thinkIt would work nicely also on a white background.
Nods, I stretched it because I wanted it to be a question for the viewer, as I was feeling dark when I created it (hence the black too).

Funny Birds of Shar Pei Prey

Birds of Shar Pei Prey
Member reactions:
Foreground bird's face is a little blurry
I defer to your judgement. I don't see any blur except for the intentional background blur. The dog's face is fuzzy due to the nature of the fur, I least my old eyes see it that way. Here's the original: It looks OK to me but I am overdue for new specs so, again, I defer to you. Thanks.
An unexpected combo but somehow it works. Nice chop.

Funny Bird Of Prey

Bird Of Prey
Former CIA director Leon Panetta walks his dog, a photograph placed within the outline of that quintessential bird of pray, the American Bald Eagle.

Funny Preying MantisFighter in Space

Preying MantisFighter in Space
We don't need no stinkin' Shuttles. Here's the relatively unknown game in question

Funny Cat Stalking Prey

Cat Stalking Prey

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