The King Elvis Presley
The King Elvis Presley
The King Elvis Presley. Please full view Sources
Member reactions:
I was training to be an electrician. I suppose I got wired the wrong way round somewhere along the line.
It looks the same as when I first viewed it and that remains great.
very cool xaos mate. was sure this would beat me congrats on woody
Hey Hits I voted when contest opened, was no headphones etc when I hit the submit button.
Xaos54 CONGRATS....i too voted before the edit i would of voted higher ,, it was great before ,,but superb after edit..
I didn't note your edit , but since first look it was AMAZING and now it's FANTASTIC ... don't know what happend about votes . congrats mate
Krato's it is obvious what happened with the voting, a lot of voters voted BEFORE the edit, that IS what happened with the voting, no dark conspiracy at all...just honest voting on an image that later was edited during contest. Does that help you understand.
but in first look on this one before time vote start it's was great pic .. that's what I mean.... do you have a copy of the old version please ( kellie or Xaos ).
I didn't say it wasn't good to begin with K, but it was way better after the edit.

Funny Elvis Presley Painting

Elvis Presley Painting
Member reactions:
The image is one thing and the human being is another. It's very hard to live up to an image, put it that way.

Funny Elvis Presley Poster

Elvis Presley Poster
original image I try to imitate THIS
Member reactions:
You give the effect exactly the way you want. Very nice.
What you need, what you need, What you need is a change of habit.
I say this is fantastic. I once tried achieving the same poster effect and was nowhere close. Hats off.

Funny Elvis Presley Underwear Advert

Elvis Presley Underwear Advert

Funny Elvis Presley as Caesar

Elvis Presley as Caesar

Funny Elvis Presley in a Caravaggio Painting

Elvis Presley in a Caravaggio Painting
Member reactions:
, he would really play this lute. (is that how it's called.)

Funny Elvis Presley Zombie

Elvis Presley Zombie
Its a Zombie Elvis, what more can I say

Funny Elvis Presley the Puppet

Elvis Presley the Puppet
hope you like it
Member reactions:
He was the king, no strings attached Great work
Silver puppet for liltim - welcome back, mate.

Funny Bad Elvis Presley

Bad Elvis Presley
Member reactions:
I think u need to up the contrast on source to match the blend you'v done with Elvis, can clearly see diff in hair.
Agree with Kell's critique. the bonus track.

Funny Elvis Presley Head on a Retro Man

Elvis Presley Head on a Retro Man
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