Terminator 2016 `Escape from Democrat's Presidential Plant`
Terminator 2016 `Escape from Democrat's Presidential Plant`
Terminator 2016 "Escape from Democrat's Presidential Plant". Please use original size. Thanks.
Member reactions:
Awesome work lots of stuff, full of political satire but missing Arnie here
Cool original view, though the composition is a bit busy
Busy busy busy but fun fun fun. Congrats mate.

Funny One more drink before presidential election debates

One more drink before presidential election debates

Funny Presidential String Quartet

Presidential String Quartet
Member reactions:
Congrats on the wood, Paul. Very fitting quartet

Funny Presidential Valentine Day

Presidential Valentine Day

Funny Al Sharpton, Presidential Advisor

Al Sharpton, Presidential Advisor
Member reactions:
Excellent even if the lower part of his face looks not as bright as the rest.
Blame the photographer, luciano...not me.
Nice one Doc. I don't get what Luciano sees and I don't. Hmmmmm. It looks fine to me. Oh well carry on
funny pic, mr p. looks sharp enough to me.

Funny Presidential price check

Presidential price check
Now we can check what it will cost us to elect presidents and which ones are on clearance

Funny Presidential Seal

Presidential Seal
Member reactions:
Now he certifies all your stuff with his Seal
Great blending work, mouth fits perfectly..
Hahahaha 420. Perfectly fitting chop Woody congrats
Very clever chop and hilarious play on words.
Congrats, Art.
SO you just gave him his wife's mouth(ha). Congrats on the Wood.

Funny Presidential Jam Session

Presidential Jam Session
Member reactions:
Well done. Both the little one looks great in hanging
That dog is lucky not to be eaten. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
--A Hot Dog eating a Sub Sandwich. Great stuff. Congrats
Thanks, LunaC, Bob, Andrew and UncleChamp.

Funny The Real Presidential Dog Barack Obama

The Real Presidential Dog Barack Obama
Member reactions:
... I saw those eyes and nose somewhere, but don't remember where.
Mr.Bobo's friend got full attention Smoking bud is cool and the locket is awesome Yeh.. agree to LunaC MOLE is lovely
Veyr aristocratic dog. and I agree with LunaC.
Hahaha, the mole and the medal are freaking brilliant.
Poor dog is beginning to look too much like his owner (ha).
PODUS Hound . The little fro on top is a perfect touch hahahahahaa
Clean work as usual. I didn't look close enough the first time but, I see more this pass. Everything looks real.

Funny Hillary Clinton's Presidential Programming

Hillary Clinton's Presidential Programming
Hillary Gets The Dark Lord's Blessing
Member reactions:
hopefully she will not run late during this session and miss her follow up apointment with the Bilderbergers..cool chop, love the glasses.
In this way she looks like a female version of Frankenstein.
She looks like a big turtle with those glasses. I salute you for what you did to her face this time (no unrecognizable distortions).
Thank you Doc, NM, Luciano, Eric, Pat, and Jere. And Jere, I don't think they let you miss those meetings even if you are in intensive care.
Congrats, Hits. I knew this would win as soon as I saw it. Genius.
Congrats Gold HitMan. Brillant use of flag on her..
, yeah, you're probably right. congrats Hits.

Funny Perfect GOP Presidential Candidate

Perfect GOP Presidential Candidate
The Republican candidates may be spending Thanksgiving in Iowa or New Hampshire instead of at home this year as the primary calendar quickly comes to an end with just six weeks until the first votes are cast. Among Republicans, one in five (19%) would vote for Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain in the GOP primary while 16% would vote for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and 15% would vote for former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Other candidates are all under 10% including Rick Perry (9%), Ron Paul (5%), Michele Bachman (2%), Jon Huntsman (2%), Rick Santorum (1%) and Gary Johnson at less than 1%. Three in ten Republicans (30%), however, are still not at all sure who they would vote for in the Republican primary (according to a recent poll by Harris Interactive). Why choose when you can combine? Take two GOP presidential candidates and combine them into one candidate by merging the left and right halves of their faces.

Funny Presidential Handshake

Presidential Handshake
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this Obama's handshake image any way you wish (image credit Pete Souza / US Government work). Some examples are - making Obama perform some stunts, designing a poster with any of the characters in the Presidential handshake image, putting this handshake crew into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Presidential Movies

Presidential Movies
U.S. Presidents Day, officially known as Washington's Birthday, is a federal holiday in the United States and is celebrated on the third Monday of February. This year Presidents Day falls on February 21. Although it has become known as a great weekend for sales, especially on cars, there's a lot more to the holiday. Presidents Day is a good chance to learn more about American History, including the interesting facts from the lives of American Presidents, like this fact - former President Clinton did a cameo for "The Hangover 2". On this President's Day, lets show how US presidents could have fun by appearing in any movies. Take any US president and think of the movies he'd be proud (or not so proud) to act in. What movies you wish they'd appear in?

Funny Presidential Prank

Presidential Prank
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this presidential prank image any way you wish . Some examples are - making Obama perform other pranks or stunts, designing a poster with this presidential prank image, putting Obama and his prank into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Image credit: Pete Souza / United States Government Work.

Funny US Presidential Seal

US Presidential Seal
Presidential hopeful Barack Obama spoked on Friday in Chicago from a podium which spotted a seal mimicking the U.S. presidential seal. The eagle on the seal had Obama's O campaign logo instead of a shield, and said in Latin "Vero possumus" (Yes we can), instead of classic "E pluribus unum" (Out of many, one). The seal also had Obama's web site address on it. Design any seal mimicking U.S. Presidential seal. For example - think what seal famous companies, celebrities, politicians or even cartoon characters would have. Can we design it? Obama says "Vero possumus" (Yes we can).

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