Preserve your HEALTH!
Preserve your HEALTH!
Preserve your HEALTH!. Member reactions:
This is excellent, soo glad you got a cup.
Thank you very much Hitspinner, pcrdds and NewsMaster, is a pleasure to be here with you.
Thank you very much Wanderer and crusader234.

Funny Preserving Coliseum

Preserving Coliseum
Member reactions:
Very nice.... like the Coliseum preservation technique

Funny Preserve

Full View Please.
Member reactions:
Looks like a bunch of auto parts dumped in Lake Michigan during winter
Took me sometime to figure out where the "face" is. Great technique nontheless.
Ready for somebody to press defrost button

Funny Preserves

Member reactions:
Nice idea for sure. The quality of the jar lets it down a bit.
I agree with UB - it's very nice, except for the jar.

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