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Funny Presentation Pictures

Raphael's paintings presentationFunny Raphael's paintings presentation
Member reactions:

Amazing idea, cool placement of the stuff on painting and Smoky circles are simply cool
Nice trick... like out of the bounds stunt good one
Great placement of hands. IMO Marlboro box should be bigger.
Great comic relief... Top 5 congratulations

First presentation NOKIA in India in public placeFunny First presentation NOKIA in India in public place
Member reactions:

Yeh this is called out of the box and Pure touch screen feature feel it
This should go over big in India. Yikes.
Video playing in Classical Nokia Handset and the crowd pulling to witness that event very funny

Schwarzenegger Senate PresentationFunny Schwarzenegger Senate Presentation
Member reactions:
Unaccustomed to explaining his ideas in public, Arnold inadvertently starts a filibuster that keeps the Californian Senate from performing for the next 4 years.
Nice job. Love the detail...
And this little puppet is my colleague Rambo, who will punish any criminal out there.
Great work.. Very nice blending of the face and great details on the chart, the only think i would change is the opacity of the shadow of the hand, but I could be wrong

Steve Jobs Ipad PresentationFunny Steve Jobs Ipad Presentation
Member reactions:

Steve Jobs Statue iPad PresentationFunny Steve Jobs Statue iPad Presentation
Member reactions:

I thought this one should have scored higher. Good work.

A Devil`s PresentationFunny A Devil`s Presentation
Member reactions:

I was preparing this pic when my dear 90 year old mum happened to walk past the screen and said to me what is that. And before I could say a octopus crab tetrapod, she then said I can't stand to look at it and turned around and muttered someting about the Devil's work and so here I have a presentation from the Devil.

Slim Macintosh PresentationFunny Slim Macintosh Presentation
Member reactions:

Presentation of BabylonFunny Presentation of Babylon
Member reactions:

The Presentation of Babylon.
the towers of babylon caught my eye and the work is good

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